Hello, I'm Vidyalakshmi, born and brought up in Bangalore. Here's my story behind the blog, I used to work in a MNC BPO had to quit my job and take a break from night shifts, during this period I developed interest in photography. 

I owned a point and shoot Sony DSC used to click many pics and shared it on social media (orkut). In my free time used to create many fusion recipes some where in June 2009 combined both my amateurish photography skills and cooking experiments to take part in blogging community and created vidyascooking. 

On Vidyascooking one can learn from basics of Indian cooking to vintage recipes, fusion cuisine and traditional recipes. All recipes are tried and tested by my family and friends.

Recipes shared are from Mom, Experiments, Vintage Cookbooks and shared recipes by viewers or friends.

Food blogging is my full time career. Paid promotions for reviewing kitchen accessories, restaurants, wines and food products will also be posted as time permits.

I am also associated with a travel company, freelancing for food walks, market trails and culture walks in Bangalore.

My Hobbies:
Fabric Painting, Embroidery, puja pat, kolam, and doodling.

When and What I Blog:
Every Tuesdays I post a Review this way you can bookmark my post and try your hands on food products or plan a head of time to visit a restaurant on weekends.

Every Thursdays I post a Fusion Recipe these recipes are purely experimental I never copy or recreate anyone's recipe if someone forwards me their recipe I will prepare and do a taste testing if I like your recipe will surely create a video, blog and will give credits to you.

Every Saturday or Sunday I post a special recipe can be veg or nonveg recipe and during weekends people love to relax and create some whole some soul food.

These are the days you can look forward for my blogs.

Camera's and lens used:
I use a 700 Canon DSLR Camera with 50mm leans for those classic shots and 18-55mm for basic shots.

My Favourite editing software:
I'm always a huge fan of pixlr and pic monkey. For movie editing I use Movie Maker.

Plans for future: 
Someday I would like to learn more on animation, graphics and editing. 

Only for business and recipe related queries mail : vidyascooking@gmail.com

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Associated Brands