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Cheesy Malai Mushroom Tikka

This mushroom malai tikka is a no fuss easy to prepare starter recipe. I thoroughly enjoy murgh malai tikka and always wanted to experiment the same using mushrooms this dish turned out beyond my expectations its truly a wonderful starter can be served with crispy slices of baguettes. Subscribe to me on Youtube English and Tamil Channels for regular updates 😉
Tips for purchasing and cleaning mushrooms:
Mushrooms are truly a delicacy but the art of purchasing and cleaning mushroom is something I have learnt over the years. When purchasing button mushrooms make sure the bulb or the bud of the mushroom is tightly closed to the steam.

Since super markets store it in large cold air coolers the mushroom turn brown in color. Make sure majority of the mushrooms are white and are not discoloured. I dont prefer to just wipe the mushroom with damp cloth and then cook it, I always wipe the excess dirt and wash twice before cooking.

After washing away majority of dirt I tend to leave the mushrooms in…

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