Scrumptious Home Cooked Meals from OOTABOX

Everyone will agree that there is nothing like a scrumptious home cooked meal to bridge this gap otta box a online and app based company, connected with many women across Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and Pune, curate home cooked food and supply freshly made meals as per order. 
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How does OOTA BOX work?
1. Create a account 
2. Choose your city, area or location
3. Add meals of choice 
4. Pre schedule for lunch or dinner, pay and check out. Food will be delivered on time.

Oota box will deliver food to your home/office or college. We can schedule for party or event and can also purchase desserts, masalas, sauces and pickles as per order. 

OotaBox Services LLP is a home-cooked food delivery service. Established in 2016, Oota Box is a food aggregator that partners with home-makers in Bangalore who love to cook and serve. Hot, healthy and fresh food is prepared in their own houses and they deliver it to customers in a neatly-packed meal box. The food pooling happens among a network of 1k+ homes, office food delivery, well-documented kitchens and a community of talented chefs. Oota Box offers North Indian, South Indian, Jain and Regional Cuisines to their customers. All the three meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided to the customers on a regular or subscription model. Customers can order food through the website or app. On a daily basis, 250 to 260 orders are circulated to 76 areas in Bangalore with the bulk of orders coming from corporate customers. So if you are craving home-cooked food, Oota Box is the answer. The company is slated to roll out its services in Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai and a few other cities across the country.

Srikanth Balakumar is the co- founder of OotaBox Service LLP. He completed his Bachelor’s in Computer Application from Bangalore University in 2009. A self-taught entrepreneur, Srikanth understands what it takes to run a business and the need to maintain a healthy balance between client and team management. Apart from Oota Box, Srikanth is also co-founder at Gymer and Idea Labz. Skilled at team management, Srikanth also possesses a nuanced understanding of market strategies. Ideating and self-motivation are two of his biggest strengths, while travelling and bikes are two of his greatest passions.

Since I live in Bangalore, close location to my place is Manyata Tech Park. I chose all nonvegetarian food. For 470/- scrumptious wholesome meal for 3 adults and we had enough leftovers for next meal.
Here is what I got to order:
Simple Home Style Chicken Curry 95/- INR : Consists of chicken in an onion and tomato based sauce, flavored with ginger, garlic, tomato puree, chili and a variety of spices. 500ml portions for one serve.

Chicken Kabab 95/- INR: Fried chicken kebabs, succulent pieces of deep fried chicken with a crispy and flavor packed coating is must try. 6 pieces portions.

Whole Wheat Chapathi 12/- INR: Wheat roti or chapathis are made using a soft dough comprising atta flour, salt and water. atta is made from hard gehun (indian wheat, or durum)

Aloo Kheema 120/- INR: Minced meat with potato is a dish which is made by cooking keema/kheema and adding potatoes with few masalas. keema or kheema is mostly a good combination with roti/parathas. 500ml portions for one servers.

Mutton Phaal 150/- INR: Hari ghosht ki phaal / mutton phaal dish or can be eaten with roti or partha. it contains mutton with bone with main base of black pepper. 500ml portions with 4 pieces of mutton for one serve.

Mutton Kheema Balls 150/- INR: Spiced Mutton Mince Balls which are shallow fried in oil and they are usually eaten with rice or as starters. 4 pieces portions for one serve.
Lemon Wedges
Onion Rings
Overall thoughts we enjoyed the meal. i felt there is lot more love and attention payed when its home cooked meal. Apart from a large office goers and college students community, there are many senior citizens who also want home cooked meals on regular basis, this is wonderful way to connect, provide opportunity for homechefs/women and eat home-cooked healthy meals on a budget. From the entire order I enjoyed the mutton phaal, roti, chicken curry and meat balls.

For more info and to place orders: 

Meal Served in a Thali

Chaat Series: Mango Pani Puri Recipe (2 Variations-Sweet & Spicy)

A favorite summer and monsoon snack prepared with king of fruits “mangoes” was a family favorite. Crispy spheres filled with tangy, spicy and sweet mangoes is a perfect starter or can be served as an evening snack.
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Ingredients Spicy Raw Mango Pani Puri:
1/2 Cup Raw Mango Pieces
5 Sprigs Coriander 
5 Sprigs Mint
1 Green Chilly
1/4 Tsp Asafoetida
1/2 Tsp Cumin Powder
1/2 Tsp Chaat Masala
1/2 Tsp Pepper Powder
1/4 Tsp Sweet Tamarind Chutney Click Here for Recipe
Salt as per taste.

For Filling:
2 Boiled, Peeled and Crumbled Potatoes
1/2 Tsp Chilly Powder
1/2 Tsp Pepper Powder
1/2 Tsp Cumin Powder
1/4 Tsp Chaat Masala
1/4 Tsp Sweet Tamarind Chutney
Salt as per taste...

For Poori:
Store Bought Poori Shells
1/2 Lime
2 Onion Finely Chopped

Boil the potatoes reserve.
Chop mango in large pieces reserve.
Wash, pat dry coriander and mint reserve.
Prepare tamarind chutney ahead of time reserve.

In a mixer jar add raw mango, chilly, mint, coriander, asafoetida, cumin powder, pepper powder, Chaat masala, salt as per taste cover and grind to form coarse paste. Add splash of water grind till smooth Chutney is formed.

In a mixing bowl add boiled, peeled and crumbled Potatoes. Add chilly powder, cumin powder, pepper powder, Chaat masala, tiny amount of tamarind Chutney and salt as per taste mix well reserve.

Dilute the ground mango masala with water, adjust salt and add tiny amount of sweet tamarind Chutney whisk to combine all the ingredients and serve chilled. We can garnish with boondi pearls.

Create a cavity in the Pani Puri shells, fill one tbsp spicy Potato filling, chopped onions, sev or boondi. Serve along with pani...we need to pour the mango Pani in the cavity and eat it right away. 

Burst of flavor from raw mango, spicy masala and crunchy Puri was totally a new and unique taste for us. This is my second attempt trying this recipe it was perfect I will be preparing this often.

Ingredients for Sweet Mango Pani Puris:
2 Large Ripe Mangoes (use malgova or imaam pasand mango)
3 Pods Cardamom + 2 Tbsp sugar ground into powder
4 to 5 Tbsp Sugar optional
Candided cherry
1 Tbsp Ginger powder
15 Cashews finely chopped
10 to 15 Raisins finely chopped
Pani Puri Shells
Mint leaves

Prep up: 
Wash, peel and chop mango into tiny pieces.
Chop cashews and raisins.
Grind sugar and cardamom to form smooth powder.

In a mixer jar add half amount of chopped mango along with 1/4 tsp ginger powder, 1/4 tsp cardamom powder and sugar if needed, grind all the ingredients to form smooth puree add water to dilute if needed serve chilled.

For filling: add chopped mangoes to a mixing bowl along with 4 tbsp candied cherry, 1/4 ginger powder, 1/4 cardamom powder mix well and reserve.

Create a cavity in Pani Puri shells fill the cavity with ripe mango filling top with cherry, sprinkle ginger and cardamom powder. Serve the filled Puri with mango juice. After every bite of mango Puri taste the juice it's one of a kind dessert... turned out excellent 😊

Gluten Free Tofu Wraps Recipe in Association with Somey's Kitchen

I've grown up eating millet and rice rotis for breakfast and dinner, never really had any clue all the dishes I enjoyed eating as a kid was gluten free. My travel career challenged me with so many clients with gluten allergy many of them are from abroad and few locals, I really did not have many options to pick and choose or even suggest them a product they could purchase and use, the gluten free ready to cook product market is less in India compared to west, The few millet dishes are prepared only at home or handful of local restaurants, options for gluten free diet is alien to many of us. I personally felt Somey's kitchen is bridging the gap and introducing all new range of gluten free options for local consumers.

Recently my family doctor also opened up on this subject and has advised us to switch to healthier gluten free diets which helps reduce blood sugar levels and also helps build stamina. Slowly but surely the trend for gluten free diet is picking up, time was right when my PR contacted me to test Somey's kitchen products. We liked the products since we are used to millet taste and texture both the poori and chapati was perfect for us. Suggestion for first time taste testers, a spicy pickle or chutney is a must along with roti; it takes time to adjust to the texture.

I have also posted three different variations of paratha using somey's whole wheat chapati please click here for the recipes...

Recipe demo and review video. Subscribe to me on Youtube English and Tamil Channels for regular updates πŸ˜€
About Somey’s Kitchen: 
Somey’s Kitchen was a dream started in London, U.K., taking ahead a family tradition of home cooking by Mrs. Somey Samuel so 50% of the profits from this company can be used to sown into transforming lives in India and around the world. Sandy Samuel Jerome, daughter of Mrs. Somey, and Joel Jerome, her son-in- law, first got the idea for incorporating the company when they saw a phenomenal response to the range of non-veg and seafood pickled masalas made by Sandy’s mother (Mrs Somey Samuel). 

Somey’s Kitchen aims to be one of the leading company’s globally in bringing niche and specialty food and be a pioneer in launching new products that does not exist in the market. The company also aims to create a successful business on the intersection between four pillars – Great Tasting Food, Value for Money, Healthy Living and Transforming Lives of Less Fortunate.

Price Points and availability: Prawn Pickled Masala is INR 250 Chicken and Fish is INR 240. Whole wheat and gluten free rotis are between 115/- to 130/- per pack.

Gluten Free Poori 115/- Per Packet

Gluten Free Chapati 130/- Per Packet

For purchase available at Big Basket, Nature’s Basket, Star Bazaar and Big Bazaar (Gen Next Stores) across Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore...

Somey's Breads come in a vacuum sealed pack. Once opened it has to be consumed with in two days. Every layer of semi-cooked chapati or poori is neatly packed with plastic sheets.

Gluten Free Poori Served with Aloo Curry and Mint Coconut Chutney...
Gluten Free Tofu Wraps
We can alter this tofu wraps according to our preference by adding corn, shredded chicken, sausages or cauliflower depends on what ever you have on hand and ready to use in a wrap. 

200 Grams Tofu or Paneer
2 Deseeded and Sliced Tomatoes
3 Bell Peppers Deseeded and Sliced
3 Onion Peeled and Sliced
1 Tbsp Chilly Powder
1 Tbsp Curry Powder
1 Tbsp Garam Masala
1 Bunch Lettuce Leaves
1 Pack Gluten Free Rotis
Oil as required
Salt as per taste...

Ingredients For Honey Chilly Mayo Sauce:
1 Tbsp Mayo
1 Tbsp Honey
1 Tbsp Chilly Tomato Ketchup
1 Tsp Paprika

Chop tofu into bite size cubes. Heat a pan on medium flame, add 3 tbsp oil.

Once the oil reaches temperature add the tofu along with 1/2 tsp chilly powder, garam masala and curry powder toss to coat, sprinkle salt and add a splash of water allow the masalas and tofu to cook.

Cover and cook the tofu until moisture evaporates toss to coat once and reserve on a plate.

Using the same pan heat 1 tbsp oil add the bell pepper, onions, and other half of the masalas chilly powder, curry powder and garam masala along with salt toss to coat.

Add water stir and cover. Cook the veggies on medium flame until excess moisture evaporates completely, reserve the cooked veggies on a plate.

Combine mayo, honey , ketchup and paprika togeather reserve....use this sauce for all your wraps its a versatile sauce.

Heat a tawa on medium flame fry the roti for a minute on each side we can use butter or oil to fry the roti.
Start Preparing the Wraps:
In a plate place the roti, arrange the lettuce leaves, start layering with tomatoes, followed by the capsicum masala, tofu pieces and finally drizzle the honey chilly sauce and serve. These crunchy and healthy wrap pair perfectly with ice tea or lemon soda...EnjoyπŸ˜€

Poolside Lunch @The Bengaluru Brasserie, Hyatt Centric MG-Road

Lunch meet at The Bengaluru Brasserie was relaxed accompanied by crystal-blue poolside, open and breezy ambience, casual yet infused with just a touch of elegance. I must thank newly relaunched Hyatt centric for the invite. 

The Bengaluru Brasserie is an all occasion brasserie (bar and restaurant), that serves modern global cuisine inspired by native ingredients in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. The extensive menu features healthy vegetarian and nonvegetarian meals. 

Dishes I really enjoyed were fresh and crunchy duck salad, coconut chicken spring rolls, grilled seabass, smoked lamb chops and ragi (millet) duck dosa all these meals are must try. Service was good, soft spoken friendly staff. 

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Dishes I got to taste...
Mocktails: Citrus Cooler (Orange, Lime, Lemonade)

Small Bites: Pepper Fry Pork Spiked with Curry Leaves and Onions
Fatty chunks of pork belly tossed with freshly pounded masala, just the way I like it peppery, juicy and spicy.

Small Bites: Chicken and Coconut spring Rolls with Dried Chilly Sauce

Thai curry style chicken wrapped in spring roll sheets and fried to perfection served with a spicy chilly dipping sauce.

Lean on: Poached Prawn, Green mango, tomato and Chilli Lime Dressing
Fresh and crunch salad with prawns and micro greens we can ask for a spicy or mildly spiced dressing as per choice.

Lean on: Pulled Duck, Grapefruit, Beansprouts and Cashewnuts

Pulled duck salad was my favorite it had all the ingredients fresh and crunchy greens, cashews, grape fruit and a tangy soy chilli dressing.

Mocktails: Greens to Go Lean (Green Tea, Mint, Green Apple, Honey)

Asian Affairs: Tossed Prawn Wonton, Sesame, Chilli and Spring Onions

I liked the sauce topped on the wonton, filling was slightly bland its a perfect starter for cocktails...

Small Bites: Boiled Water Chestnut and Garlic Chives Dumplings

All of us enjoyed the water chestnut dumplings and had second serving it literally melted in my mouth every bite no need to chew, there was a slight crunch from the water chestnut.

Burgers and Wraps: Hand Pulled Pork Pao, Kimchi Slaw and Bourbon BBQ Sauce

The fresh kimchi and bourbon sauce with pulled pork was another dish recommended and served by Chef Ashwini. I personally like pork in any form but this was my first time trying it with kimchi and bbq sauce somehow three different cuisines matched it was prefect really comforting. 

Country Side: Ragi Dosa, Duck and Tomato chutney.

I have not tasted ragi dosa in this form before this was again a surprise for me. Perfectly prepared ragi dosa with loads of ghee centered with duck and served with sambar and tomato chutney was ultimate. Fusion of different cuisines well balanced flavors and textures superb combination. Must try when at hyatt.  

Native Inspired Ingredients: Grilled Fish, Karnataka Avocado, Caper Berries, Cherry Tomatoes

Melt in your mouth seabass with creamy avocado, cherry tomatoes and microgreens is a classic all time favorite. I loved the presentation.

Country Side: Smoked Masala Lamb Chops, Chilli and Mace, Tamarind Curd

Highly recommend the lamb chops it was one of the best tandoori grilled chops I have tasted in a while.

Country Side: Chicken Donne Biryani, Karnataka Rice, Tomato, Onions, Southern Spices.
Rasmalai Cheese Cake 
White Chocolate Cardamom Cake 
Mango Tiramisu with Coconut Granola
Desserts were amazing. We enjoyed all the dishes served to us. My picks from the tasting was coconut chicken spring rolls, lamb chops, ragi duck dosa and white chocolate cardamom cake. i was unable to rate the drink menu since I had to head out for work...mocktails tasted were good. Meal for two would cost 2000+.

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