Chakka Appam and Pazham Pori (Jackfruit & Plantain Fritters) Recipe

We "South-Indians" have a serious craving for sweets and all fried food during monsoons. Pazham pori and chakkaappam tops our charts for most wanted fried snack during tea time which contains good measure of sweet its all fruit and fried. 

I fell in love with this dish during my visit to Kerala. Every single tea stall, bus station and train canteens sell these fried fruit with ginger tea. It was quite a filling snack not heavy and very tasty.

There are many variations to this recipe some people use up leftover idly or dosa batter to prepare this dish while some add eggs to the batter my quest was to keep it authentic and prepare how the locals do. 
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10 Jack Fruit Segments
2 Plantains
1/2 + 1/2  Cup Maida (All Purpose Flour)
1 Tbsp Cumin
1/4 Cup Rice Flour
1/4 Cup Sugar
1/2 Cup Yogurt
1/4 Tsp Yellow Food Color or Turmeric Powder
A pinch Salt (Optional)
Oil For Frying

We cannot use regular robusta banana or any other variety banana for this recipe as it will not have body and will fall apart while frying. Please use only plantains for this recipe.

Prep up:
Create the batter first. Sift both the flours and reserve we do not want any lumps in the batter. 

In a mixing bowl add cumin, food color, rice flour, sugar and all purpose flour combine all the ingredients.

Add yogurt and mix well add water gradually little by little and create a very thick batter. The batter has to be thick not watery. Cover and allow the batter to rest on the kitchen counter for 1/2 hour.

The consistency of batter will change as the sugar melts the batter will get watery and will form the prefect consistency before frying.

Once the batter is ready prepare the fruits. Heat oil in a wok on low to medium flame. 

Spread out 1/2 cup all purpose flour in a plate. Wash all the fruits remove fiber and seeds from jack fruit segments. Peel the banana and cut into quarters reserve. 

Roll all the cut fruits in all purpose flour shake of excess flour dip in batter and drop in hot oil. Gently keep fliping until the batter turns light golden brown in color. 

Once the fruit turns golden brown in color drain excess oil reserve fruit on tissue paper...serve hot with ginger tea...Enjoy :)
We can also use leftover idly or dosa batter since its already fermented we need not add yogurt instead add maida, rice flour and sugar to create a thick batter. Dip the fruits and fry them.  

Part-6 Culinary Adventure-Food Tasting Session @Singkong and Sanchos-UBCity, Bengaluru

Food tasting at Toscano was outstanding it was time for us to head to Sanchos and Singkong. Singkong serves Pan Asian cuisine while Sanchos serve Modern Mexican Cuisine both the restaurants work side by side serving world class cocktails and food.

Recap for people who are viewing this blog. Bengaluru's jewel in the crown "UB City" located in the heart of the city, vittal mallaya road hosted foodbloggers for a two day food tasting and live social media activity. We covered as many restaurants we could in two day activity. 

Day-1 we started at sublime tea tasting and ended our journey at cafe mangii. 

Day-2 started at Toscano Italian restaurant and ended at Sanchos a modern Mexican restaurant...

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We met Chef Vikas Seth who handles both the operations singkong and sanchos...He says we serve a variety of modern Pan Asian cuisine at singkong right from Baos to dimsums and wok fried noodles, while snachos has modern yet authentic mexican flavors, I must say to procure few products like purple corn was a task for us we process the corn to suit the taste palate of locals and serve it with the mexican beer batter fish its a must try when in sanchos.

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I've been to singkong and sanchos on various occasions. Singkong has always been my favorite place to favorite dishes here are the roasted duck dumplings from singkong and fiesta nachos from sanchos. 

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At Singkong they serve modern Singaporean, Thai, Indonesian and Cantonese cuisine. Our tasting session started with  lemon grass basil basa, wasabi prawns, crystal shrimp dumplings, spinach and vegetable dumplings, spicy chicken dumplings, Pandan wrap cottage cheese, togarashi potato on sugarcane stick, chilly basil chicken,  stir fried noodles with edamame, and thai green curry with rice. 

At Sanchos we tasted Tortilla soups, chorizo crostini, fiesta nachos, beer batter basa on purple corn tacos,  Chicken tacos , tortilla soups, habenaro cottage cheese and tres leches for dessert.  Some dishes were indianised I liked the twist in all dishes

Chef Vikas also surprised us with fathers day special treat  Crispy chilly prawns with smoking pandan called Dynamite prawns absolutely divine food we enjoyed the food and service at both the restaurants. 
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Food at Singkong.
Wasabi Prawns

Spicy Chicken Dimsum

Crystal Shrimp Dimsum

Lemon Grass Spiked Mixed Vegetable and Corn Dimsum

 Lemon Grass Basil Basa

Pandan Wrapped Cottage Cheese

Hunan Pork Roasted Open Buns (Baos)

 Chilly Basil Chicken

Togarashi Potato on Sugarcane Stick

 Stir Fried Noodles with Edamame

 Thai Green Curry with Rice

Dynamite Prawns

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Food at Sanchos
Tortilla soup

Caldo de Pollo (Mexican Chicken Soup)

Fiesta Nachos

Chorizo Crostini

Habenaro Cottage Cheese

Beer Batter Basa on Purple Corn Tacos

Chicken Tacos 

Lemon Soda

Beef Enchilads 

 Salsa Bar Shots with yellow corn tortilla chips 

Tres Leches for dessert.

We concluded our tasting session with tres leches a fitting dessert.
Mexican cake that is soaked over night in reduced milk. We tasted varied cuisines over 2 days and enjoyed every minute. If given a chance I would love to collaborate and  indulge all over again. Thanks to UB City Team and Restaurants for a fabulous treat.

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Part-5 Culinary Adventure-Food Tasting Session @Toscano, UB City, Bengaluru

Day 1 was fabulous at UB City, All of us were excited and looking forward to explore more on Day 2. Tiny recap for people who are viewing this blog...Selected Bengaluru based foodbloggers were invited for food tasting and live social media activity hosted by UB City.

Day 1 all of us interacted with chefs and tasted various cuisines at Fava, Rasovara, Cafe Noir and Cafe Mangii. I've already posted Part 123 and 4 please click on the hyper links to view all the blogs.

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Day 2 all of us assembled at Toscano by noon. I was eagerly looking forward for this tasting session. This top rated Italian restaurant has been serving since 2005. 

About UB City:
UB City Mall is the first ‘All Luxury’ concept mall in India, Bengaluru. Home to over 200 of the world’s premium and top brands. Whether you prefer to go shopping or dining, clubbing or would like to simply relax at the spa, UB City is the place to be at! India's first luxury mall offers everything that's on one's to-do list.

I've heard and read numerous reviews about toscano, They are top rated restaurant for best italian food in Bengaluru. My Experience was truly satisfying. The menu covers appetizing pastas, salads, seafood, as well as signature oven-baked pizzas. 

Chefs' signature dishes are far from bland, and complemented by a fabulous selection of international wines. The mixed salad with goat cheese, sliced apples, walnut, asparagus with red wine vinaigrette is signature and a must try. 

The homemade Ravioli is definite crowd pleaser made fresh daily. The eye-catching desserts are impossible to resist, especially the signature chocolate Kahlua mouse. Meal at Toscano is without a doubt, fabulous that will leave you spoilt for choice over 32 varieties of wine from across the world, presented to you in the heart of Bangalore city. 

My friends and close family always used to rave about toscano I've never been here before. After tasting their dishes I am totally addicted to the food and want to try each and everything listed on the menu. If one can create chicken and fish in that way I want it everyday. Here is what I tasted...

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Citric fruits and Feta salad - sliced fresh oranges, grape fruit segments, cucumber, shaved apples and carrots, red onions topped with oregano marinated Feta and house dressing 

Chicken Bruschetta, Pulled roasted chicken tossed with musturad mayo and topped with micro greens served on crostini

Spinach, potato, spaghetti and walnut croquettes - Crispy fried breaded croquettes with finger chips, mixed greens and aioli 

Chicken Arrancine-chicken, celery, carrot, rice balls served with eggplant agro dolce, tomato coulis and toasted walnuts 

Caprese classic - Marinated tomatoes, buffalo Mozzarella served with melon, rocket leaves, marinated olives and basil pesto 

Risotto con funghi misti e fagioli barlotti--stewed mixed mushrooms with rice, white wine, parmesan, parsley, extra virgin olive oil and Borlotti bean 

Homemade Spinach and ricotta filled ravioli- tossed in choice of basil Pomodoro

Grilled Arabian Seabass with spaghetti of vegetables,fondue potatoes,tomato coulis and lemon butter sauce

Chicken de Toscano- spinach and ricotta stuffed sage infused chicken breast served with garlic ratatouille, roasted rosemary potatoes and own gravy 

A Drink Called Mango Zombi...

Banoffee pie - banana; toffee pie drizzled with caramel sauce, hazelnut paste, toasted nuts and vanilla ice-cream 

Warm apple crumble-with cinnamon, raisins and strawberry coulis served with vanilla ice cream 

Toscano's signature Chocolate Kahlua mouse in almond tuile and crème anglaise 

Mango panna cotta (eggless) served with mint, fruits, orange and vanilla ice cream 

A photo posted by Vidya Lakshmi (@vidyascooking) on

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A pleasant atmosphere, and the staff members are very attentive. One can enjoy fine dining and outstanding service. Click on Zomato spoon backs to read more reviews on Toscano...

Toscano Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 


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