Würfel Küche #Inspiredkitchens

If you could have your #DREAM KITCHEN...what would it look like? what kind of counters would you have? one dishwasher or two? drawer style or traditional kind? refrigerator drawers? Or butcher's block island? Uff there is so much to plan before designing a kitchen...

I was invited for the launch of the new modular kitchen brand, "Würfel Küche” that took place on 1st of November funfilled informative evening, showcasing some interesting aspects that go into making of a 'European Kitchen'...We also got to connect with Chef Aditya Bal,​ and some top architects and people from the hospitality industry.

Gone are the days when the kitchen was seen as a neglected part of ones home. Today they spell modern designs, top of the line finishes, hi tech appliances and are a miniature world in themselves which demands finesse, elegance and functionality. It is one of the fastest growing industry in the country with a growth rate of more than 40% per annum YOY. 

More interestingly Indian market has two kinds of Kitchen providers – Imported Brands and Local Manufacturing Brands, both catering to completely different segment of audience. The Imported brands are highly quality conscious but comes with a extremely high tag whereas the local manufacturer are focused only on the price factor. With the growing awareness and accessibility to information, every Indian is getting more educated about the product specifications and hence demanding for good quality products. 

Thus with a need to revolutionize this segment and to ensure the delivery of European Kitchens at Indian price, #Würfel was launched in Bangalore in October 2015 with a strong franchise network across the city.

Khanindra Barman (Kay) CEO and Co-Founder Würfel, a seasoned professional in the hospitality and lifestyle industry, is now all set to create a niche space for Würfel Küche in the Modular Kitchen Industry.

Kay has been an integral part of the Würfel Küche Research and Developement team for the past three years. This team is the heart of Würfel Küche which completed an intense study on the Global top end kitchen market with an intention to combine the best of Europe with Indian market and working conditions. He feels that the R&D team and the information base on the top European kitchen brand is the key to the highly exclusive business model of Würfel Küche.

Kay wants to deliver top end products at a very competitive Indian price range. He says Our aim is to provide every Indian home with an imported Kitchen”.

The biggest makeover in the recent times are the kitchens and wardrobes. While wardrobes are the spaces to have a clean and organized designated space for clothes and shoes, kitchens are the spaces where the ladies of the house (and incase some men too) spend a considerable amount of time whipping out the best of the meals for their family members. Kitchens today are not synonymous with cooking alone, they have evolved into spaces which foster interaction between the family or between the family and their guests. In large spaced residences today one finds the kitchen divided into two sections - one for the cooking, and the other section for people to hang about. 

An outcome of the proliferation of the nuclear family, this transformation that kitchens are noticing today are enabling them to become a multipurpose space that needs to be integrated into the entire house. Time savings, convenience, and energy efficiency have become the main protagonists in the new evolution of kitchens.

Modular Kitchens opens up the space, creating more free and more aligned to the innate activities of the house - that are today's kitchens besides becoming a place for culinary explorations! To ease this entire process, Modular kitchens have stepped in - A modular kitchen gets its name from the module - the small sections which are assembled together to form the kitchen. 

Besides having the latest gadgets - accessories and appliances (which have become quieter themselves) Modular kitchens are about varied textures and  high gloss finishes, which enables freedom of space - aesthetic as well as of functional vitality; newer materials like stone, glass or aluminum; more emphasis on the work triangle (the easy movement between the sink, refrigerator and hob) and intelligent use of light (artificial/natural). 

Besides their aesthetic and functional capabilities and their customization, Modular kitchens are easy to repair and can be shifted easily as they are made up of modules. Installation also becomes convenient because of the pre-fabrication. Diverse colour schemes, well defined areas, a decluttered space are the other advantages. 

Adhering to strong European traditions, Würfel 100% top of the line German machinery, raw materials and fittings from across Europe, to deliver world-class kitchens that speak of innovation, style and functionality. The products perfected to International standards, reflect unmatched quality, excellent craftsmanship and have set a benchmark in the world of modular kitchens.

What is the price range for wurfel kitchens? It starts at 1.5 lakh upward to 30 lakh and Rs 50,000 onward for wardrobes.

After interacting with the wurfel team and seeing the factory outlet, I finally got to meet chef Aditya who cooked up a storm. Over all the wurfel team wants to provide dream kitchens under a budget. I was totally amazed at the quality and workmanship. After visiting wurfel I'm looking forward for that day when I will custom build my #inspiredkitchen..

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#RTRPUBCRAWL @Indiranagar- Bengaluru

In association with SABMiller, Bengaluru Traffic Police, Radio City and Positive Strokes – a city based organization, Teamed up to help drive awareness on road safety at Namma Bengaluru...

As New Year approaches, Bengalureans should take extra precautions to guard against drunk driving accidents. Between Christmas and New Year's every year Bengaluru residents face an increased risk of being involved in drunk driving accidents. This news should not be a shock to most people as every year public campaigns are launched to try and raise awareness about this risk and increase safety for all people. Unfortunately we get to read and see numerous accidents all over the news papers and internet the next day.

I was invited by SABMiller for a pub crawl in Indiranagar. Why Pub Crawl? How will this impact drunk driving? SABMiller India’s ‘Respect the Road’ program – a road safety initiative has recently arrived in Bengaluru after witnessing immense success and an amazing response from the residents of Delhi NCR.

This program spreads the message of ‘don’t drink and drive....encourages people to use alternatives to driving such as calling a cab, booking a chauffeur or designating a non-drinking friend to drive. In this endeavor, SABMiller India in Bengaluru has partnered with Ola Cabs – the taxi aggregator, and DriveU – the chauffeur hiring app. 

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As Bloggers and responsible citizens we ‘pub crawled for a cause’. Encouraging people to drink responsibly and take alternatives to driving after alcohol consumption. The 3 selected pubs (The Beer Cafe, JIMIS and BareBones) which are located in the heart of the city Indiranagar, Bengaluru. Engaged with the consumers and spread the message at every stopping point.

We spoke about other cities in India. What are the traffic safety measures they follow and so on that is when I was introduced to Traffic Tau...Traffic Tau, the mascot of Guragon Traffic Police, was an initiative that was started in December 2013 by JCP Bharti Arora. The word Tau means ‘paternal uncle. 

Traffic Tau, however, does a bit more than just tell you to wear your helmet. He also tells you to eat healthy, and respect women and be better person. He holds a particularly strong opinion about drunk driving and how people use their connections to get out of a sticky situation when they are caught driving under influence.

Traffic Tau is mostly a lovable guy extremely welcoming attitude with a wonderful rustic charm. 

I recollect a similar mascot  created by traffic police at Chennai he was Yama, the God of Death from Hindu mythology. His bold and scary looks was more than enough to pass the message, quietly arriving in the patron's car when the valet brought it back. Seeing the God of Death as a wake-up call, most patrons who experienced the live stunt opted to use the drivers-for-hire service.This is an initiative that needs to be applauded.


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Our First stop was at Jimis...

Along with beer we tasted...Herb Chicken with Cranberry sauce...

And Cheese Poppers with Jalapenos Sauce...

Jimi's Beer Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 
Next stop was at The Beer Cafe
We tasted Chicken Pizza,Veg Pizza and a warm chicken salad..

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We ended our crawl at Bare Bones...and got to taste some yummy desserts white chocolate Mousse, coconut cake and plum cake...
Barebones - The Balcony Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

Thanks for the selfie nivedith

I throughly enjoyed this event. Soon the pubs will be buzzing at Bengaluru and celebrations will be at its peak. My message is loud and clear...It's the small things that brings big difference to our society, Be the Change...Be responsible...Happy New Year!

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I'm fond of MOD (Mad Over Donuts) during festivities. They have special donuts for every season. I got to taste classic flavors like cinnamon apple (Cinnaple donut), Ginger buddy donut, and strawberry santa.

What I like about MOD donuts they do home delivery plus we can reheat these donuts in microwave and serve it warm with coffee. Once reheated the filling is gooey and yummy. Price: Rs. 65/- per donut. These custom made donuts are available only Until 3rd January, 2016

Do read my first review on MOD mad-over-donuts 
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Ginger Buddy: Mad Over Donuts’ version of the Gingerbread Man. Ginger glaze with a filling of milk chocolate honey ganache.

Strawberry Santa: Milk chocolate ganache with rich white chocolate and strawberry jelly. There’s no Christmas without Santa! 

Cinnaple: Dark chocolate, apple cinnamon filling and mix-spice buttercream. Melt-in-your-mouth goodness! 

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Review- Terracotta Vivanta By Taj @Whitefield Bengaluru

Terracotta is an Ideal space for romantic candle light dinner. Cuisine is from different regions of India and Peshawar. The menu is carefully curated by celebrity Chef Anwar Ali these recipes are family owned and passed down from generation to generation.

Chef Anwar's greatest grandfather cooked most of these dishes to the mughal kings it cannot get any better than this. I absolutely enjoyed every single dish on the menu the quality and quantity is invariable...This is something I'm impressed at all Taj branches.

A-la-carte seems Bit Pricey on the other hand the power lunch seems okay priced at 795/- I would like to try that some day...

Food was excellent subtle flavors and taste of freshly pounded spices combined and cooked with meats and vegetables to perfection. 

Terracotta  Vivanta By Taj is located at ITPB, ITPL Main Road, Whitefield, Bangalore. Ph: 080 66933333/080 67343058

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Chef Anwar Ali and Team

Guava and Water melon Juice

What did I taste? Paya shorba/Soup lamb trotters slow cooked with a blend of spices over a period of 9 hours the meat was tender the soup tasted excellent it was so soothing.

Next was some appetizers galouti kababs, cheesy stuffed mushrooms(Bharwaan mushrooms), char grilled prawns, peshawari murgh tikka, tandoori broccoli and  stuffed apricot tandoori tikka... Every single appetizer tasted different some had a hint of cardamom, ginger, methi and so on it was a feast for sure...

Paya ka Shorba


Char Grilled Prawns

Tandoori Salmon Tikka

Peshawari Murgh

Smoked Egg Plant

For mains we had Peshawari Raan, leg of lamb baked on coals smoked with cloves, Murgh pasanda sajid ali shah was excellent with naans the gravy was creamy quite an innovative recipe if this was served in the 1600.

Keema Kaleji minced mutton cooked with tiny cubes of liver this dish was spiced and cooked to perfection. It’s a tough process to cook lamb mince and liver all at once and they have nailed it.

Aloo bhukara kofa is again a winner loved the taste and stuffed potato. palak rosogolla seemed tempting I somehow did not like the combo it was way to sweet and the spinach had a different flavor and taste.  Smoked eggplant was again bit bland, I loved the combo with butter naan..

The mutton biryani was ultimate I simply enjoyed the meat and rice it was dum cooked I could eat this biryani all day.

Keema Kaleji
Murgh Pasanda Sajid Ali Shah

Palak Rosogolla

Broccoli Jalferzi

Peshawari Raan

Dhal Makhani

Lamb Biryani

Shrikhand Parfait

Garlic Kheer and Sewai ka Muzaffar

Finally for desserts we tasted sewai ka muzaffar, garlic kheer, Shrikhand parfait. Garlic Kheer was very unique dessert thinly sliced garlic cooked in fragrant milk infused with saffron tasted like almond slivers.  

Terracotta - Vivanta By Taj Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato 

over all amazing experience...I loved the ambiance, food and service....I will go back some day to enjoy this meal again.. 


Sunday Brunch Recipe Series: Semiya Pongal + Medu Vada + Coconut Chutney Recipe

We don't need a ten course restaurant brunch to make our Sunday special but a simple traditional home cooked food is always soul sat...