Peri-Fic New Menu @Nando's, ITBP-Bangalore

 Nando's invited me to taste 17 new dishes on their menu was totally excited when I received the invite. Nando's are know for their grilled chicken wings, butterfly chicken and burgers the new selection was packed with fresh flavors...something really different from the norm. 

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I truly appreciate Nando's efforts for the new menu. Catering to finicky Indian taste palette is a daunting task since we come from 3 hyper eating communities vegan, vegetarian and non-vegetarian we truly need a restaurant who can cater as per the customers needs. I will call this a giant step nando's has taken to cater  the vegetarian community..I'm very happy for my vegetarian friends who can dine in style at Nando's..


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Nando's Location: Whitefield › Ascendas Park Square,
Ground Floor, ITPB, Whitefield Road, Bangalore Phone: 080 28026668
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The Bar

A Visual Feast

The ambiance/decor is tastefully put together ample two level seating very neatly maintain space truly a space designed for art lovers. The original South African art adoring the walls at nando's looks good and supports many artists. 

Nando's around the world helps to develop artisans, provide art education, business tools and ongoing support and feedback. It feels really good to know that nando's helps give many artists the freedom to focus on their art full time, and that they've given us/customers something beautiful to look at, without having to set foot in a gallery.

Vanilla Caipirinha


Long Island Iced Tea

Refresh Mint


Peri Crusted Wings

Flame Grilled Chicken Wings

Altogether Platter

Something Exotic

3 Bean Peri Salad

Peri PotatoWedges

Caesar Salad

Butterfly Chicken Burger

No Bones Platter

No Bones Platter and Butterfly Chicken Platter

Angry Mango Chicken Wrap, Black Mushroom Chilly Wrap, Black Mushroom Grilled Paneer Wrap

Angry Mango Chicken Burger, Moroccan Chicken Burger, Classic Veggie Burger, Black Mushtoom Grilled Paneer Burger, Black Mushroom Chilly Burger

Black Mushroom Grilled Paneer Pita, Black Mushroom Chilly Pita, Angry Mango Chicken Pita


Paneer Espetada

Carrot Cake and Cheese Cake

What did I like from the new menu? I liked the long island ice tea from the drink menu. the caesar salad with feta was awesome packed with flavors. Peri crusted chicken wings...loved the char grill bits the chicken was spicy and perfectly cooked.

Butterfly chicken burger was good with slaw and fries on side really filling. I love watermelon..something exotic was very tasty the grilled water melon and paneer was good with side of cataplana rice and bean salad. I did not enjoy the desserts the cakes were not tasting right..Over all the menu was a winner..

Super friendly staff they were dressed in costumes all of them were so happy to serve us the experience at nando's was satisfying. I will for sure recommend nando's.. Travel for me was a bit tough nando's since its located in the IT hub of ITPL Whitefield people working and staying in and around are so lucky.. I'm concluding my blog post with a happy nando staff sporting a colorful funky mohawk cap...:)

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Baby Corn Tempura with Curry Leaf Mayo Recipe

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I tasted this baby corn tempura at a famous thai restaurant here in Bangalore (Mangotree Bistrobar) they'd served the tempura with original japanese mayo wasabi flavor it was all fancy. I changed a few things the batter is a light coating and also served it with a curry leaf mayo dipping...must try monsoon series...

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250 Grams Baby Corn
5 Tbsp Mayo
4 Tbsp Maida(all purpose flour)
2 Tbsp Corn Flour
3 Chilies Finely Chopped
1 Sprig Curry Leafs Finely Chopped
3 to 4 Pods Garlic Finely Chopped
1/2 Tsp Pepper Powder
Salt as per taste
Oil for frying
6 Ice cubes +1/2 Cup Ice water to create batter

To Prepare Curry Leaf Mayo: In a mixing bowl add mayo add half the amount of chopped curry leafs, garlic, chilies and pepper powder mix well and chill before serving..

  • Clean the baby corn wash and pat dry.
  • In a mixing add the corn flour and maida salt half the chopped curry leafs, garlic and chilies..
  • Add water and ice cubes mix and reserve its okay if there is lumps in this batter..
  • Heat oil in a wok on medium flame dip the baby corn in the batter and drop in hot oil fry till light golden brown in color drain from oil place on paper towel to drain out excess oil and serve with curry leaf mayo..Enjoy..:)
I prepared everything from scratch right from mayo to the tempura batter it all came together so well was really happy with the out come...

Always buy baby corn with husk its fresh that way do not purchase the pre peeled and packed corn its dipped in a lot of preservatives and then packaged its also very stale..use canned or corn with husk for this recipe...

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25 Years of Coastal Cuisine @The Gateway Karavalli Bengaluru

The Gateway hosted 25th year party inviting many food critics and bloggers, I was so proud to be a part of this history. As a teenager I've been to karavalli and truly loved the crab few faint memories rekindled...

The Gateway Karavalli a coastal cruise sailing deep into the cuisines of authentic mangalorean bunts, Konkanis, Kodavas from Coorg, Malayalees, Calicut Muslims and Syrian Christians of Travancore, Havyaka Brahmins of Vitla and the Portuguese of Goa. It all started in 1991, 25 years of coastal cuisine at Karavalli, authenticity is the hallmark, people throng here to savor mouth watering seafood and veg delicacies...

Ambiance: The gates open to lush green gardens the grand mangalore manee(bungalow) invites the guest to be seated spread across 3 floor plans beautiful garden with gazebo seating, the casual and formal indoor seating. Live kitchen that serves freshly cooked appam, idiappam, dosa and idly which features my southindian culture and authentic food was the highlight of this event...Service was awesome staff was really friendly...


Gazebo Seating

The Bar

Celebrity Chef  Naren Thimmaiah

Hats off to chef he has truly captured and maintained the authentic flavors and taste and has been working at the gateway karavalli for the past 25years...nothing has changed its still the same here he says...its very hard to hear such words in this fast paced world...I wish chef naren and the gateway all the best...

Jasmine Water Hand Wash

Organic Jaggery
Organic Jaggery was served to cleanse our taste palette before we started our meal...

Condiments: Papad, Upinkai and Chutney
Our Elaborate Dinner service started with few drinks. I ordered the Fresh lime soda and karuvepillai sip both the drinks were refreshing...

Mango, Coconut and Tomato Chutney..
We totally loved the mango chutney with idiappam it was crumbly yet very tasty...

Fresh Lime Soda

Cocktail: Karuvepillai Sip

The Tiffin Oota
Packed Lunches are a huge hit in Karavalli. Tiffin is a old british colonial term for packed lunches the trend slowly picked up in India when indian women very lovingly packed lunches for their husbands..This traditional concept is unique to this resturant comes to the table served in a brass tiffin carrier and at the end of the meal dessert is served separately...

Balele Oota
Balele oota means food served on banana leaf. This is how every southindian meal is traditionally served. Such food, when done properly is elevated to a ritual presentation  equivalent to an offering to the gods..

Oggaraneda Aritha Pundi

Steam rice dumplings seasoned with chutney powder and tempered with Ghee, cumin, coconut and mustard was very subtle and tasty...

Tiger Prawn Roast

Fresh Tiger Prawns tossed in kerala spice mix the thokku/cooked masala was tangy and very flavorful tomato, ginger, coconut, lime juice and traditional spices were a match made in heaven the prawns was cooked to perfection superb preparation...

Pachakkai Varuthathu

Crispy plantain was tossed in a spicy masala tempered with curry leaves the crunchy raw banana and unexpected spicy masala was truly a treat this was a perfect starter...

Koli Barthad

The koli/chicken is a pork fry version. morsels of chicken is pan roasted with coorgi masala paste and kachampulli coorg vinegar...this dish was tart flavors from caramelized onions and spices was yumm...

Meen Eleittad

Fillets of Black pomfret was marinated in malabar masala wrapped in a banana leaf then pan fried. this dish is not only healthy was spicy tangy and very tasty the fish was moist flaky and cooked to perfection..

Patra Ada

Colocasia leaves smeared with spicy rice flour mixture steam cooked and sliced pan fried in ghee and served with chutney and ghee...this is a traditional dish prepared in many different variations across India we enjoyed every bite of this dish..

Kane kaidina
Whole Lady fish marinated with spicy masala paste then pan fried the bits of crunch here and there was awesome very traditional fish fry recipe...

Rasam is always served as soup it not only helps in digestion but also helps relive common cold and head aches...Rasam in tamilnadu is served at the end of the meal but in mangalore and other coastal regions rasam is served at the very beginning of a meal...either ways the rasam serves its purpose...Spicy and tangy rasam is every southindians favorite dish...

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Main Course
The main course was a mixture of veg and nonveg curries and roasted meat and veggies...

Allapuzha Meen Curry
Seer fish, cooked in a mango, ginger and coconut based curry...

Pachakkari Stew
Seasonal vegetable simmered in a coconut milk base...

Egg Appam(Hoppers)

Malabar Parotta

Idiappam (String Hoppers)

Kozhi MalliPerilan
Boneless Chicken and vegetable in a coconut milk based spicy curry..

Mavinakkai Mensukkai
Chunks of brine preserved mango cooked in a blend of chilies and coconut...

Attuirachy Ularthu
This Travancore, kerala lamb dish is roasted and cooked with spice blend of fennel, cardamom ginger and chilies slow cooked and roasted on coals...

Urullakkizhangu Roast
Baby Potatoes roasted with chilly and fennel powder garnished with curry leaves and lime juice...The main course was simply superb all the dishes went really well with appam, idiappam, Rice and parotta..The dessert platter was awesome selection of classic flavors and taste...

Bibinca: A goan multi layered cake dish served with vanilla ice cream. Dodol: Rice cooked gently in coconut milk and jaggery. Elaneer payasam: Chillied tendercoconut pudding...

Banana and Caramel Icecream House special...
Residency Road › Gateway Hotel, 66, Residency Road, Bangalore
080 49652649
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The Gateway Karavalli was truly an experience I will never forget for years to come. The Review is 100% my own view. I will for sure recommend The Gateway Karavalli for your next dining experience. Thank you so much for visiting my blog for any query, content/pics contact me

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