Mango/Mampazham Kesari

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Mampazham kesari is very simple and easy to prepare dessert recipe. I used badami mango to prepare this recipe make sure you dont use stringy flesh mango for this recipe...use mango which has a lot of meaty fruit and it should grind in to a smooth paste...

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2 Cups Mango Puree
1 Small Coffee Tumbler or 1/2 Cup Semolina/Upma Rava
Sugar Same Measure as Semolina
Cashew, Almonds, Raisins and Melon Seeds (Chop the nuts) use dry fruits as per your choice
3 Tbsp Badam Milk powder
Mango flavor
Yellow Color
8 Tbsp Ghee
1 Cup Water...

  1. Ripe mangoes chop into cubes and add to mixer jar and grind to a smooth paste to create 2 cups of mango puree..
  2. Heat a wok on low to medium flame add ghee.
  3. Once the ghee is hot add all the dry fruits and fry a bit once the cashew and almonds turn light pink in color drain and reserve in a bowl for later.
  4. In the same ghee add rava and fry till light pink in color add sugar and fry a bit.
  5. Add the mango puree to rava and stir to combine all ingredients.
  6. Add the badam milk powder and mix well adding badam milk powder is optional...if you feel the fruit is not that flavorful then you can also add mango flavor and color to enhance the flavor and appearance.
  7. Add 1 Cup water and stir the halwa on medium flame once the ghee surfaces to the sides add the fried dry fruits mix well and serve hot...Enjoy...:)

Please do not copy any pics and content from this blog. Do try this recipe before mango season ends...thank you so much for visiting my space follow me for more recipes to contact me

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