Gold Rush Entertainment Brings World on the Plate to Bengaluru

Gold Rush Entertainment engaged with Namma Bengaluru audience for the launch of international food festival, world on the plate with renowned, celebrated chefs and food critics Chef Gary Mehigan, Chef George Colambaris and Matt Preston. This year the event was extravagant in all ways the chefs got to interact and engage with their fans and food enthusiasts exclusively over masterclasses and food tasting sessions with restaurants across the city. World on the plate was truly a global experience for Namma Bengaluru Audience. 

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Speaking on the occasion Kiran Soans, CEO of Gold Rush entertainment, Said" when we first associated with chef George colambaris and held a show in Bangalore there was never ending praises and requests to engage again with the chefs, thus the whole idea behind world on the plate event. We wanted to extend and give our audience an experience they always wished to be in. Thus planned a three day event engaging the masterchefs and audience over masterclasses, complete cook off from restaurants across the city and pop up food stalls at JW Marriott and UB-City. By the end of the cook off a special award ceremony was also hosted this was purely people's choice award. Overall our audience were exhilarated and excited to experience the culinary journey". I truly feel blessed and happy to associate with the master chefs again and to be a part of an extravagant food festival.

Chef George Colambaris

Which cuisine do you like George? I'm a huge fan of Greek food and love to create modern Greek food. 

At the press meet george and his team got busy behind the live kitchen setup for media viewing and started to assemble soft shell crab souvlakia. 

Normally in Greece souvlakia is prepared with grilled meats and veggies which are stuffed inside a pita bread. Since we Indians love seafood and kati rolls the chef has used local ingredients like soft shell crabs which is batter fried and are rolled in a malabar paratha with cucumbers and a minty sauce. 

FYI: Souvlakia, is a popular Greek fast food consisting of small pieces of meat and sometimes vegetables grilled on a skewer. It is usually served in a pita wrap with garnishes and sauces, or on a dinner plate, often with french fries. 

Matt tasting soft shell crab souvlakia, his expression says it all

Soft Shell Crab Souvlakia

Matt Preston

Matt owing his love for Indian food presented his version of coorgi chicken served with a honey glazed grilled pumpkin, beetroot relish and pomegranate. Chef Gary explained a bit more how it was prepared. Sous-vide, is a method when chicken is vacuum sealed and frozen with all the spices. After 15 hours once the chicken is infused with spices its cooked in a warm water-bath at 140 degrees. 

The chef says he was astonished seeing a few kids at the age of 7 creating some wonderful dishes using this technique at Masterchef Australia.

Matt what do you think about today's food trend? I love everything about the current food trend. People are exploring new flavors and taste everyday its a fashion statement these days. People are constantly uploading food pics on social media. I'm really impressed with all the efforts people take to make food look appealing. 

Coorgi Chicken

The chicken was moist inside with a crispy grilled star anise flavored skin. This dish was beautifully presented, combination of different flavors in every bite was amazing.

Chef Gary Mehigan

Chef Gary Mehigan king of desserts presented deconstructed white chocolate cheese cake on a bed of granola topped with raspberry flavored honeycomb, maple and rum reduction.
Chef Gary loves India and specially Bengaluru. "He says" I enjoyed strolling around Russell market, people are so friendly and inviting the fresh produce and buzzing activity is something I will remember forever. 

What is the best part of your trip so far?  I'm enjoying everything on this trip. This time I got to interact with many food enthusiasts and restaurateurs. Food is outstanding specially medu vadas and jelabis, Strolling around the market areas was a whole new level of experience in India so far  for me.

Deconstructed White Chocolate Cheese Cake  served on a bed of granola topped with raspberry flavored honeycomb, maple and rum reduction.

Food tasting and meeting the chefs at the press meet was a wonderful experience for me. I loved the flavors and textures of all dishes served to us for tasting. Since there was a huge media presence I was only able to interact with the chefs for a minute. I must thank  JW Marriott for this opportunity.

I'm concluding this posts with Masterchefs sharing their journey on Instagram.
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