My Parents Tasted New Menu @Mainland China, Orion Mall-Bengaluru

Excitement filled the air, when i told my parents were invited for a tasting session at Mainland China. As a family this is our first group review on the new menu tasting. Mainland China is very famous pan-asian eatery which has multiple branches; we visited the branch located at Orion mall.

Ambience: Very inviting and grand entrance with live size terracotta soldiers greeting the customers, the air filled with aromas of stir fries and curries is surely a warm, inviting and homely atmosphere. 

One can choose semi open seating or indoor dining, which is convenient to access the buffet, but if you opt the ala-carte menu the outdoor seating is best during summer, which overlooks a large fountain. The decor is vibrant, comfy chairs and well stocked bar to keep one occupied for hours. New menu offers soups, appetizers, dimsums, mains and followed by an extensive drink menu.

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Here's what we tasted...
Orange Mojito (Mocktail)

Fresh squeezed orange juice spiked with mint, ginger and sprite...

Kimchi, Pickled Cucumbers and Sauces made inhouse for dimsums. There are sauces that can be purchased which is also placed on display.

We enjoyed the kimchi, spring onion and basil sauce for dimsums...

Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Clear Soup
aromas of mint, star-anise, ginger and spring onion with chewy noodles and springy chicken was so comforting...

Crispy Lotus Root 
Crispy lotus roots were tossed with curry leaves, crushed black pepper and a sticky chilly soy. This dish has a very distinct southern fusion element which we loved.

Crispy Corn Cubes 

Lightly coated with cornflakes was crunchy and literally melted every bite the spring onion chilly soy sauce was perfect condiment...

Dynamic Prawns in Silken Tangy Mayo

Showstopper dish presented at our table. People dining there literally turned to catch a glimpse of the dramatic presentation. The prawns were soft and not chewy, which was lightly batter coated and fried, crispy skin has absorbed majority of the chilly mayo, prefect appetizer for chilled beer....

Crispy Chicken with Smoked Chilly and Peppers 

Tender morsels of chicken are coated with a light batter and fried. the crispy chicken is wok tossed with crushed black peppers, ginger, garlic, smoked chilies and sweet bell peppers. Nice presentation and very aromatic. This dish was served as an appetizer, but its a must have accompaniment for fried rice or  noodles. 

Up next were dimsums...
Spiced Tofu Dimsums with Mountain Chillies
The tofu filling was mildly spiced and very soft. Wrapper had perfect texture...chewy and soft, best part was flavors from plantain leaf...

Thai Style Chicken Dumplings 
Soft mince chicken with lemongrass and kaffir lime.

Thai Style Vegetable Dumplings 

Both the chicken and vegetable dimsums had the same flavor but tasted different. Veggie dimsums were crunchy tasted fresh, whereas the chicken was soft but had very strong flavors from kaffir lime. 

Prawn Siu-mai with Lemongrass
I felt the outer skin could have been slightly soft but the prawn filling was superb.

Main Course...
Japanese Buckwheat Noodles 

Soft yet chewy buck wheat noodles were wok tossed with vegetables, loads of garlic and garnished with chilly oil...

Sichuan Chicken Hot Pot

Tender morsels of chicken combined and cooked with shitake mushrooms, shallots and black bean sauce was a perfect accompaniment with edamame fried rice...

Exotic Vegetables in Black Pepper Sauce

Crunchy veggies were perfectly prepared it could have been slighly spicy but tasted really well with fried rice and noodles...

Vegetable and Edamame Fried Rice

Every grain in this fried rice was separated, that's how I like it. Fried rice on its own tasted good but must pair the rice with chilly sauce from the condiments, kimchi and pickled cucumbers. I had three servings of rice with condiments, chicken and vegetable curries it was excellent.

We finished our lunch with lovely desserts...
Surprise Chocolate Dome 

A cascading chocolate dome decorated with caramel popcorn and centered with a large scoop of vanilla icecream, fudge brownie, honey noodles and chocolate...the surprise was unravelled once the hot chocolate was poured on top to reveal the hidden dessert.

Such a lovely dessert. The hot chocolate with fudge brownie and honey noodles was amazing...

We ended our lunch with mango custard. Packed with fresh flavors the mango custard was set to perfection, topped with fresh chopped mango and served on fresh mango puree with a hint of mint flavor from the mint garnish was light and really awesome😍

Overall experience...staff were super courteous and very friendly. my parents enjoyed the lunch it was all new experience for them. We enjoyed all the dishes.

I would like to visit them again for buffet someday the spread looks lovely. After shopping or movie at the mall one can surely expect a hearty meal at mainland china the new menu is promising and offers variety of dishes.
Our picks from the menu was chicken soup with noodles, thai vegetable dim sum, crispy lotus roots with black pepper and curry leaves, tofu dim sum, kimchi, smoked chilly chicken with peppers, buckwheat noodles and szechuan chicken hot pot with shitake mushrooms. 

All beverages are fresh it did not taste stale after a long time I got to taste good quality drinks here and beer was chilled which is really refreshing on a humid day. Meal for a couple would cost 1500/- to 2000/- if your in a group try all the dishes from the new menu it would cost between 3500/- to 4000/- ++ 

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