Poolside Lunch @The Bengaluru Brasserie, Hyatt Centric MG-Road

Lunch meet at The Bengaluru Brasserie was relaxed accompanied by crystal-blue poolside, open and breezy ambience, casual yet infused with just a touch of elegance. I must thank newly relaunched Hyatt centric for the invite. 

The Bengaluru Brasserie is an all occasion brasserie (bar and restaurant), that serves modern global cuisine inspired by native ingredients in a relaxed and casual atmosphere. The extensive menu features healthy vegetarian and nonvegetarian meals. 

Dishes I really enjoyed were fresh and crunchy duck salad, coconut chicken spring rolls, grilled seabass, smoked lamb chops and ragi (millet) duck dosa all these meals are must try. Service was good, soft spoken friendly staff. 

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Dishes I got to taste...
Mocktails: Citrus Cooler (Orange, Lime, Lemonade)

Small Bites: Pepper Fry Pork Spiked with Curry Leaves and Onions
Fatty chunks of pork belly tossed with freshly pounded masala, just the way I like it peppery, juicy and spicy.

Small Bites: Chicken and Coconut spring Rolls with Dried Chilly Sauce

Thai curry style chicken wrapped in spring roll sheets and fried to perfection served with a spicy chilly dipping sauce.

Lean on: Poached Prawn, Green mango, tomato and Chilli Lime Dressing
Fresh and crunch salad with prawns and micro greens we can ask for a spicy or mildly spiced dressing as per choice.

Lean on: Pulled Duck, Grapefruit, Beansprouts and Cashewnuts

Pulled duck salad was my favorite it had all the ingredients fresh and crunchy greens, cashews, grape fruit and a tangy soy chilli dressing.

Mocktails: Greens to Go Lean (Green Tea, Mint, Green Apple, Honey)

Asian Affairs: Tossed Prawn Wonton, Sesame, Chilli and Spring Onions

I liked the sauce topped on the wonton, filling was slightly bland its a perfect starter for cocktails...

Small Bites: Boiled Water Chestnut and Garlic Chives Dumplings

All of us enjoyed the water chestnut dumplings and had second serving it literally melted in my mouth every bite no need to chew, there was a slight crunch from the water chestnut.

Burgers and Wraps: Hand Pulled Pork Pao, Kimchi Slaw and Bourbon BBQ Sauce

The fresh kimchi and bourbon sauce with pulled pork was another dish recommended and served by Chef Ashwini. I personally like pork in any form but this was my first time trying it with kimchi and bbq sauce somehow three different cuisines matched it was prefect really comforting. 

Country Side: Ragi Dosa, Duck and Tomato chutney.

I have not tasted ragi dosa in this form before this was again a surprise for me. Perfectly prepared ragi dosa with loads of ghee centered with duck and served with sambar and tomato chutney was ultimate. Fusion of different cuisines well balanced flavors and textures superb combination. Must try when at hyatt.  

Native Inspired Ingredients: Grilled Fish, Karnataka Avocado, Caper Berries, Cherry Tomatoes

Melt in your mouth seabass with creamy avocado, cherry tomatoes and microgreens is a classic all time favorite. I loved the presentation.

Country Side: Smoked Masala Lamb Chops, Chilli and Mace, Tamarind Curd

Highly recommend the lamb chops it was one of the best tandoori grilled chops I have tasted in a while.

Country Side: Chicken Donne Biryani, Karnataka Rice, Tomato, Onions, Southern Spices.
Rasmalai Cheese Cake 
White Chocolate Cardamom Cake 
Mango Tiramisu with Coconut Granola
Desserts were amazing. We enjoyed all the dishes served to us. My picks from the tasting was coconut chicken spring rolls, lamb chops, ragi duck dosa and white chocolate cardamom cake. i was unable to rate the drink menu since I had to head out for work...mocktails tasted were good. Meal for two would cost 2000+.

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