Gluten Free Tofu Wraps Recipe in Association with Somey's Kitchen

I've grown up eating millet and rice rotis for breakfast and dinner, never really had any clue all the dishes I enjoyed eating as a kid was gluten free. My travel career challenged me with so many clients with gluten allergy many of them are from abroad and few locals, I really did not have many options to pick and choose or even suggest them a product they could purchase and use, the gluten free ready to cook product market is less in India compared to west, The few millet dishes are prepared only at home or handful of local restaurants, options for gluten free diet is alien to many of us. I personally felt Somey's kitchen is bridging the gap and introducing all new range of gluten free options for local consumers.

Recently my family doctor also opened up on this subject and has advised us to switch to healthier gluten free diets which helps reduce blood sugar levels and also helps build stamina. Slowly but surely the trend for gluten free diet is picking up, time was right when my PR contacted me to test Somey's kitchen products. We liked the products since we are used to millet taste and texture both the poori and chapati was perfect for us. Suggestion for first time taste testers, a spicy pickle or chutney is a must along with roti; it takes time to adjust to the texture.

I have also posted three different variations of paratha using somey's whole wheat chapati please click here for the recipes...

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About Somey’s Kitchen: 
Somey’s Kitchen was a dream started in London, U.K., taking ahead a family tradition of home cooking by Mrs. Somey Samuel so 50% of the profits from this company can be used to sown into transforming lives in India and around the world. Sandy Samuel Jerome, daughter of Mrs. Somey, and Joel Jerome, her son-in- law, first got the idea for incorporating the company when they saw a phenomenal response to the range of non-veg and seafood pickled masalas made by Sandy’s mother (Mrs Somey Samuel). 

Somey’s Kitchen aims to be one of the leading company’s globally in bringing niche and specialty food and be a pioneer in launching new products that does not exist in the market. The company also aims to create a successful business on the intersection between four pillars – Great Tasting Food, Value for Money, Healthy Living and Transforming Lives of Less Fortunate.

Price Points and availability: Prawn Pickled Masala is INR 250 Chicken and Fish is INR 240. Whole wheat and gluten free rotis are between 115/- to 130/- per pack.

Gluten Free Poori 115/- Per Packet

Gluten Free Chapati 130/- Per Packet

For purchase available at Big Basket, Nature’s Basket, Star Bazaar and Big Bazaar (Gen Next Stores) across Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore...

Somey's Breads come in a vacuum sealed pack. Once opened it has to be consumed with in two days. Every layer of semi-cooked chapati or poori is neatly packed with plastic sheets.

Gluten Free Poori Served with Aloo Curry and Mint Coconut Chutney...
Gluten Free Tofu Wraps
We can alter this tofu wraps according to our preference by adding corn, shredded chicken, sausages or cauliflower depends on what ever you have on hand and ready to use in a wrap. 

200 Grams Tofu or Paneer
2 Deseeded and Sliced Tomatoes
3 Bell Peppers Deseeded and Sliced
3 Onion Peeled and Sliced
1 Tbsp Chilly Powder
1 Tbsp Curry Powder
1 Tbsp Garam Masala
1 Bunch Lettuce Leaves
1 Pack Gluten Free Rotis
Oil as required
Salt as per taste...

Ingredients For Honey Chilly Mayo Sauce:
1 Tbsp Mayo
1 Tbsp Honey
1 Tbsp Chilly Tomato Ketchup
1 Tsp Paprika

Chop tofu into bite size cubes. Heat a pan on medium flame, add 3 tbsp oil.

Once the oil reaches temperature add the tofu along with 1/2 tsp chilly powder, garam masala and curry powder toss to coat, sprinkle salt and add a splash of water allow the masalas and tofu to cook.

Cover and cook the tofu until moisture evaporates toss to coat once and reserve on a plate.

Using the same pan heat 1 tbsp oil add the bell pepper, onions, and other half of the masalas chilly powder, curry powder and garam masala along with salt toss to coat.

Add water stir and cover. Cook the veggies on medium flame until excess moisture evaporates completely, reserve the cooked veggies on a plate.

Combine mayo, honey , ketchup and paprika togeather reserve....use this sauce for all your wraps its a versatile sauce.

Heat a tawa on medium flame fry the roti for a minute on each side we can use butter or oil to fry the roti.
Start Preparing the Wraps:
In a plate place the roti, arrange the lettuce leaves, start layering with tomatoes, followed by the capsicum masala, tofu pieces and finally drizzle the honey chilly sauce and serve. These crunchy and healthy wrap pair perfectly with ice tea or lemon soda...Enjoy😀

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