Wednesday, August 31, 2011

How to clean broccoli and cauliflower really well?

90% of us prepare a cauliflower recipe at least once in a week the question is do you clean it properly??? If the answer is no then ....Please follow this simple step before preparing any cauliflower and broccoli based recipe the amount of pesticides sprayed on these vegetables is really harmful for our health when its not cleaned properly. people tend to purchase gobi manchurian from hotel i dont know how they clean in hotel I never eat gobi manchurian from hotel what about you comment below...
For this demo I've used 1/2 cauliflower which is 250 grams 2 tbsp vinegar and coarse salt 1 tbsp if you dont use coarse salt at home then use regular table salt. I've already  chopped the cauliflower florets for the demo. if your purchasing frozen ready to use cauliflower read the instructions if its parboiled in that case you need to just rinse the veg in warm water once. 

  • Boil about 3 to 4 cups water in a heavy bottom pan.

  • Add salt and vinegar to the boiling water.
  • Add the florets to the boiling water.
  • Remember your not cooking the vegetable we are rinsing the veg  keep stirring the veg in the hot water for 2 to 3 minutes.
  • After 3 minutes scoop the vegetable out from the hot water and add to cold water this will stop the cooking process now  make sure you inspect the veg if there is any worms inside rinse the veg twice or thrice thoroughly drain and its ready to use.
I hope this is a useful post for my young viewers who have just started cooking...wishing you all the best of luck....:)

Have you seen or heard of a Cauliflower Sheep...:D
Cauliflower And Sheep
Demo Video in watch and follow...:)


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  2. Thank you for the info and process akka.. should be very useful for bachelors like me :)

  3. cleaning vegetables in hot water makes most of its nutrients run out. What the point in eating it then?

    1. Where do you get your information from?

  4. The picture of sheep looks very funny.but i like all cauliflower recipes very much.

  5. So today going to buy a cauli....hihi

  6. vidhya ur awesone....i always search ur recepies to try out new....