Maddur vada

Maddur vada is traditional dish from mysore. my mom and aunty are experts in preparing maddur vada this dish is very simple and jat pat recipe we love maddur vada for coffee and this snack can be prepared in no time if you have unexpected guests at home.

Ingredients for maddurvada:
Onions : 1 cup (onions are chopped into small pieces) (1 cup holds 100ml water)
Green chilli chopped: 4-5 (you can add more if you need spicier vades)
Curry leaves : 5-8 (chopped)
Coriander leaves: 1bunch(chopped)
Maida/All purpose flour : 1 cup (1 cup holds 100ml water)
Chiroti rava/semolina: 1cup
Rice Flour: 1/2cup
salt as required
Hot oil : 1/4 cup
peanuts optional
Oil for deep frying

1.Mix all ingredients given above using a spoon.Caution : Do not use your hands to mix the flour at this stage as hot oil might burn your fingers.
2.Leave the mixture aside for 15 minutes. The moisture in onions will wet the flour at this stage.
3.If do not intend to deep fry at this stage do not mix the flour with water. You can mix it with water when you want to deep fry. You can also mix partial flour with water and leave the other part. This small tip helps prevent the dough becoming soggy. This is an important step.
4.Heat oil over low flame. When oil is warm start with the next step.
5.If you wish to deep fry vades, sprinkle water over the flour if needed and mix to make dough. The dough here at this stage resembles soft chapathi dough.
6. Pull a small lemon sized dough and pat it on a greased non sticky paper or laminated paper (food wrapping paper in Singapore can be used) to make a nice circle.
7. Transfer these to your fingers (hold it on 4 fingers) and slide them over to hot oil. Be careful.
8. Fry them till they are red and crisp. Drain them on a kitchen towel. Enjoy hot hot vades with coffee or tea.
9. I made masala chai/tea with hot hot vades.
you can also make maddur vada out of left over i hate to reheat upma i some how hate to eat left over upma but nothing goes waste at my home when i was a kid mom came back from office and prepared maddur vada out of left over upma it was really tasty this fun item will be your family fav in no time.

Ingredient for maddur vada with left over upma:
Upma 1 cup
2 large table spoons of maida
2 table spoons of rice flour
salt if needed

Mix all the dry ingredients to the upma and flatten into round shape and deep fry serve hot with coffee or masala tea

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