Chana Dhal Halwa

1/2 Cup Chana Dhal / Split Chick peas 
1/2 Cup Sugar (Powdered)
2 1/2 Tbsp Clarified Butter / Ghee
2 Tbsp Oil
2 Pods Cardamom
1 Clove
15 Cashew nuts
10 Almonds
10 -15 Golden Raisins
1 Pinch Yellow Food Color  
Almond Essence Few Drops or saffron strands.
1/4 Cup Water.
First Step: Wash the chana dhal and soak for 2 1/2 hours or till the dhal doubles in size.

Second Step: In a mixer grinder or a coffee grinder add the sugar and powder the sugar set aside.

Third Step: Drain all the water once the dhal has doubled and add to a mixer blender and grind to a paste but not to a fine paste a bit coarse is better the halwa will have nice texture.

Fourth Step: Heat a heavy bottom pan or use a nonstick pan or kadai and add the 2 tbsp oil and clarified butter tip in the chopped almonds, cashew and raisins fry for a bit drain all the fried nuts and reserve. leave the oil and butter in the same pan.

Lets Prepare: In the same oil and clarified butter which we fried the nuts add the prepared dhal paste and stir for 5 min till the moisture evaporates until you get a ball consistency. tip in the powder sugar and stir and incorporate the sugar into the dhal eventually the sugar will melt and add the crushed cardamom pods and the clove mix well add 1/4 cup of water and keep stirring the mixture for 10 mins by now your dhal sugar and the spice will have incorporated well keep on stirring and keep add the rest of the oil and butter mixture to the halwa by 15 mins the halwa will start having nice texture adjust the flame from medium to slow now and then and keep on stirring add the food color and almond essence and stir well the more your stir the better halwa in 20 mins time you should see the entire moisture evaporated and the stickiness almost gone your almost there  keep stirring for another 10 more mins by now the halwa would have evaporated complete moisture and have a nice gloss mix the fried nuts in and serve hot...Enjoy...:)
This was a viewer request from youtube I must thank them i got to learn this recipe from mom and as a kid when mom used to prepare dhal halwa for me i used to enjoy but i never knew it required so much of patience and dedication you need to have strong hands and time to prepare this recipe we cant sit even for a minute but all worth the effort i would want all my viewers to try this recipe out and let me and mom know how did it turn out. i did not have almond essence or saffron strands at home if you have either one at home then use for this recipe.

 I've done detail demo on youtube do watch enjoy and try it your self...:)


  1. Ur blog is very nice with neat explanation,tis recipe luks yummy bookmarkd will try tis surely and let u know....


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