Green Chilly Mutton Briyani

1 Kilo Lamb meat ( Curry Cut)
3 Cups Basmati Rice
2 Large Onions (Sliced)
2 Tbsp Turmeric powder
2 Inch Pieces Cinnamon
1 Star anise
4 Cloves
6 Pods Cardamom
1 Bayleaf
1 Fist full Coriander leafs
1 Fist full Mint
1 Lime
1 1/2 Cup Milk
1/2 Cup Yogurt
3 1/2 Cups Water
2 Tbsp Clarified butter
3 Tbsp Oil

Please follow the steps shown in the video will be posting my updated version of the same recipe soon...

For Masala:
2 Tbsp Garlic
2 Tbsp Ginger
4 Tbsp Green Chilly
1 Tsp Fennel Seeds
1 Inch Cinnamon
3 Cloves
3 Pods Cardamom
1/2 Tsp Pepper corns
1/2 Bay leaf

First Step:
Marinate the meat with yogurt and turmeric message the ingredients well in the meat and allow to marinate in room temp  for 1 hour.

Second Step:

Heat a wok with 1 tsp of oil and fry the ginger and garlic first tip in the cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, pepper corns, and bayleaf fry for a sec tip in the chillies and fennel seeds fry for a minute a switch the flame off allow the ingredients to cool.

Add the ingredients to a mixer jar and grind to a paste with out adding water..

we can use this masala for so many recipes its a versatile masala used in most of my mothers recipes we can preserve this masala in a box and refrigerate for 2 week the frying helps the masala to preserve for a long time.
Lets Prepare:
We used a 3 liter medium pressure cooker to cook the meat in medium size cooker helps the meat to cook fast.

Heat a pressure cooker and add 2 clove 1 inch piece of cinnamon 2 cardamom pods and tip in the marinated meat add 2 tbsp of the masala and salt and allow the meat to sweat down a bit on a medium flame once the moisture has evaporated a bit add 1 cup of water and cover allow the pressure to build and add the whistle and cook the meat for 5 to 6 whistles till the meat is fork tender and reserve the meat stock in a bowl separating the meat. the meat stock will be used in the briyani.

We used a 7 liter cooker to combine the cooked meat and rice to prepare mouth watering briyani.

Wash the rice twice and soak 10 minutes.

Heat the pressure cooker tip in the oil and clarified butter tip in the rest of the spices cinnamon, cardamom, cloves star anise and bay-leaf fry a bit tip in the onion and chillies fry till light golden brown tip in the masala and fry tip in the rice fry a bit now measure the water, reserved stock and milk leveling to 4 1/2 cups of liquid add the liquid to the rice add 1 tbsp of salt mix well add the reserved meat mix well bring to a boil and add the mint and coriander and squeeze in few drops of lime mix well cover and allow the pressure to bulid before placing the the whistle and cook for 4 minutes allow the pressure to settle before opening the lid.
gently open the lid and squeeze in few more drops of lime mix well serve hot with lime pickle , boiled eggs, raita and lime wedge...Enjoy...:)

People who love hot and spicy food will enjoy this is really famous for this briyani recipe entire family and friends have tasted this unique recipe and have appreciated her for such a nice soul food Mom never lets us down every time she prepares this recipe the taste doubles we enjoy her magical briyani this time few of my friends visited us from the united states they were surprised a bit when they tasted this recipe it was a unique recipe for them they enjoy so much...:) and I wanted to share this recipe with my blog friends as well do try this recipe adjusting the spice and quantity as per your requirement and share this recipe with friends for holidays and enjoy. this recipe took us 1 hour to prepare worth all the efforts and serves a group of 6.


  1. The presentation on these recipes is exquisite. I would bet the results are tasty as well. Love the recommendation for the use of pressure cookers as well.


  2. Hi Vidya, your chilly biryani looks unique indeed, as spicy and tasty in looks! I've been searching for good lamb biryani recipes and will give your's a try. Thanks!


  3. This one is real good too! Planning to make mutton biryani today so lemme try this style! Thanx ;)

  4. Thank you Audrey...sure do try and adjust the chilly as per your taste...<3

  5. Thank you Mehnaz sure do try and let me know...<3

  6. Wonderful blog with wonderful presentation of recipes...I like the way every recipe has a pic of all its ingredients & a detailed video...
    Great Job Vidya...

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  7. Thanks you love you've got a great blog too...:)


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