2 Minutes Chocolate Mug Cake...:)

Hurray Hurray...its 1st blog birthday today...a year ago when i started my journey i faced macro hurdles but my addiction for blogging and food was such a wonderful and amazing journey i can never stop doing this blog has been so presious and close to me and mom...hats off to mom, dad and my wonderful friends and viewers  who supported me...with out you guys i couldn't have made it...Hugs...♥♥♥

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When i was searching for a no fuss cake recipes online i came across mug cake recipe which seems nice and creative i loved the recipe but i did few changes with the recipe and loved it after i prepared mug cake for my blog i did 2 different variation using same recipe first attempt i added chocolate chips and the second time i added regular milk chocolate both came out very nice and wonderful...its simple and easy do try this recipe...:) before getting into the blog kuch meetha ho jaye...:P

4 Tbsp Maida or Self raising Flour
4 Tbsp Sugar
1 Tbsp Coco Powder
1 Egg
1/4 Tsp Baking Powder (Optional)
3 Tbsp Oil
3 Tbsp Milk
3 Tbsp Chocolate Chips
Vanilla Essence few drops
we also need a coffee mug and microwave...:)
  • Mix all the ingredients together in a mixing bowl make sure you whisk the ingredients thoroughly before adding to a mug.  
  • This recipe was for one serving mug but i felt the ingredients given here could make 2 mug cakes and i was right.
  • If your going to use plain maida the cake will be moist and dense if you want spongy cake then add baking powder to maida or use self raising flour.
  • Take the mug and fill it half way through add chocochips and micro wave for 2 minutes...mug cake is ready...:)
  • Dust with powder sugar or whipped cream and Enjoy.......:)

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To Everyone...♥

Video demo as always...enjoy...:)


  1. Happy birthday and the cake luks awesome..

  2. Happy B"day to a beautiful blog :) and that mug cake sounds luscious :)

  3. oh I finished those leftover dairy milk chocolate... you should have posted this recipe earlier .. This chocolate mug cake looks soo tempting

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  6. wonderful..this one I am trying today itself...will tell you how it was :)

  7. Omgosh , this recipe it's absolutely amazing . Love it . Thanks for sharing it :D



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