Sweet Paan & Chocolate Paan

Sweet Paan is something I've enjoyed as a teenager and till date I ♥ it...:D excellent mouth freshener and works superb for digestion . after a heavy meal paan is an excellent dessert with very less calories...I've tasted almost 13 different paan varieties till now with out fail i will always order for some chocolate paan and some sweet paan every time we dine out. follow the steps and prepare paan yourself its very easy...:)
10 to 15 Betel Leafs(Vethalai)
5 Tbsp Gulkand
2 Tsp Sweet Saunf
Pan lime/Choona
2 Tbsp Sweetened Betel Nut
1/4 Tsp Cardamom Powder
1/4 Cup Colored Sweetened Shredded Coconut (if you cant find this you can use desiccated coconut)
5 Cloves
Cherry and Tutti fruity
2 Tbsp Chocolate chips
1 Tbsp Chocolate noodles
  • Before preparing paan we need to rinse the betel leafs thoroughly once in salt water and twice in regular normal water.
  • In a large bowl of water spreed the betel leafs and allow to rest for 1 hour before preparing paan.
  •  Spread a tea towel on a flat surface take a betel leaf out of the water place it on the towel and pat gently to remove excess water.  
  •  Fold the leaf....using a pair of scissors gently cut the steam till the middle.

  •  Place the leaf on the plate shiny side of the leaf must face down.
  • Take little bit of  lime/choona using finger tip spreed all over the betel leaf.  

  •  Take the betel leaf in you hand to form a cone please follow the photo diagram and fold the leaf to a cone shape this is exactly like forming a samosa.

  •  Once you form the cone add little bit of the betel nuts.
  • Add 4 to 5  sauf / sweet fennel seeds.
  • Add sweetened coconut.
  •  Add little gulkand.
  •  Add little bit cherry.
  •  Add one clove and a pinch of cardamom powder.
  •  Finally fold the top layer of the paan.

  •  Place a cherry  on the fold.
  •  pierce the cheery and pan with a toothpick  just to hold everything together. 
Serve with love...enjoy...:)
  • To prepare chocolate paan follow the same steps to cut the betel leaf and form into a cone once the choona is applied add betel nut, gulkand, sauf, coconut and the chocochips and choconoodles seal the top fold using a cherry and serve...:)
Its so much fun when we prepare paan at home i enjoy preparing paan during festivals and special occasions at home since we dont eat much sweets at home we treat our selfs with paan sometimes...
Taj Pan Shop is located in shivajinagar Bangalore its right in front of taj hotel from my child hood days nothing has changed much myself and dad always take a break from our routine and head towards shivajinagar to see something new and we would always stop at taj pan shop and order for a sweet paan its fun just to stand there eating paan and soak up all the live activity and head back home with cheerful memories.
Mubarak the pan shop owner a cheerful guy  always with a smile welcomes his customers my boss always used to tell by default paan shop guys implement six sigma true to his words they can cater 15 orders all at once with very less errors with in a matter of  few seconds  as I stood for my order mubarak handled 20 customers with 20 different paan orders...god bless him...:)

I want to conclude my journey with a pan order from mubarak's shop and my recipe demo in English do post your comments and let me know if you would like to see similar posts...enjoy...:)


  1. wow...
    gr8 post vidya :)
    Thx. for sharing
    bookmarked it.

  2. There are many benefits of chewing paan in Ayurveda. As I have found fantastic way to making sweet paan. I am really surprised and amazed to see this great tutorial to make this one. Thanks for sharing, it's truly knowledgeable.

    1. That is so nice...if you'd like to write more on paan or any other benefits my blog is always open you are most welcome to be my blog guest...thank you so much...:)

  3. Nice blog really very great paan recipe

  4. could some one share the method to make sweet saunf at home...

  5. Replies
    1. hello, i need talk with u my email id is (droptojana@gmail.com)



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