During summer falooda is a hit at my home its easy to prepare if the ingredients are easily available complete meal by itself  feels so filling and refreshing.
1 Packet Falooda Sev
1 Packet Strawberry Jello
3 Scoops Rose or Vanilla Ice cream
1 Tbsp Bail Seeds
2 Glasses Rose Milk
Fruits, Mixed Nuts and Cherry

  • To prepare falooda sev boil 3 cups of water cut the sev  into small pieces and add to boiling.
  • Once the sev is cooked drain and reserve in a bowl.

Falooda sev is prepared out of corn starch it takes bit of time to cook do follow the package directions before preparing the sev. it is easily available in the market.
  • In one cup of water add 1tbsp of basil seeds allow to double in volume before preparing the falooda.

  • I prepared 150 grams strawberry jello as per package directions 
  • Add fruits to falooda are optional the fruits i used are water melon, musk melon, apples and banana.
  1. Using a tall tumbler assemble the falooda.
  2. For the first layer add fruits.
  3. Second layer add jello.
  4. Third layer add falooda sev.
  5. Fourth layer add falooda seeds
  6. Fill the tumbler with rose milk leaving bit of space to add ice cream.
  7. Top with ice cream, nuts and decorate with cherry.
Serve right away enjoy...:)

Do watch my video demo in English...Enjoy...:)


  1. This looks super fun and tasty!

  2. Vidya, there is a very easy way to do the sev too! If interested, lemme know..will mail the recipe to you!

    1. Hi archana i have a recipe for the sev too since its easy to prepare the store bought ones i buy them you can mail me your recipe i'm interested your most welcome to send me your recipes...happy cooking..:)

  3. I made it .It was really tasty .Thanks a lot.

    1. Aww thats so sweet most welcome dear....♥

  4. Vidya, this looks delicious.I wish to try, but could you please tell me where I get those basil seeds in Bangalore??? , I tried in local stores, Nilgiris etc, but in vain.. :(



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