Chocolate Corn Flakes Clusters

“For pleasure has no relish unless we share it.” 
― Virginia Woolf,
The quote has so much meaning in it. yes sharing makes lot of difference can change a person completely and can help solve all the misunderstandings. make sure to treat that person with something crunchy and definitely chocolaty these chocolate cornflake cluster are so easy to make even kids can prepare them in no time.
2 Cups Kellogg's Chocos
1 Tbsp Dalda or unsalted butter
250 Grms Chocolate Chips
Sprinkles to decorate.
I've used kelloggs chocos because of the crunchy texture and its chocolaty taste.

Do look into the video demo and post your comments....happy cooking...♥
To Prepare:
  • In a microwave proof bowl add the chocolate chips and the dalda microwave for 30 seconds remove from the microwave and mix well if the chocolate has not melted place it back in the microwave for additional 30 seconds and allow the chocolate to melt. Please note constantly keep checking the chocolate in the 30seconds some times the chocolate might burn if we don't have a constant look at it keep stirring and check if the chocolate has melted.
  • Once the chocolate has melted completely add the chocos to the melted chocolate and mix well in a lightly greased plate or tray spoon out small clusters of cornflakes and decorate the sprinkles on top allow to chill in the fridge till set. 
  • Once set place it in air tight container or Ziplock packets.share with friends and family...Happy cooking...:) 


  1. Love this cluster, if i make them i wont stop munching it.

    1. you bet...i had to control myself while packing them...:P

  2. Love this my kids will love to have few pockets!

    Thanks for sharing Vidya

    1. Do give them a try...Thank you too...Happy Cooking...♥



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