How to Clean Lamb Trotters/Paya

Its very simple to clean lamb trotters provided if the steps are followed properly. few tips to buy lamb trotter my granny always used to buy the front legs its more fleshy and the meat is nice and juicy more over front legs cook fast as you can see in the pic the front legs are completely covered with skin the hind legs have bone showing make sure the butcher gives you the best trotters which is already burnt and cleaned makes the cleaning process simple for us...

Do watch the video demo and follow the steps before preparing paya
  • Make sure to check the trotters burnt properly and hair is removed if there are remains of burnt hair make sure to scrap the burnt hair using a knife.
  • Remove all the burnt tissue which is not edible .
  • Second stage of cleaning is to take 100 grams of cooking soda and equal quantity of salt .
  • Sprinkle the soda and salt over the trotters rub the trotters with the soda and salt allow to rest for 5 mins before rinsing in water.
  • After 5 min using a scrub pad or a toothbrush scrub the trotters and make sure all of the char skin and any brunt tissue is removed properly.
  • Once the trotters are cleaned rinse in running water make sure all of the soda and salt have washed thoroughly.
  • I normally rinse them thrice in running water and twice in hot water and make sure the trotter are really clean before cooking...

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  1. superp recipe..going to try it today.



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