Schezwan Sauce

The sauce recipe is altered as per my taste...simple straight forward sauce which can be preserved in the  in a air tight container stored away in the fridge ready to prepare many amazing recipes...:)
Fist Full Dried chilly, red chilly, garlic pods.
100grams Tomato puree
2 tbsp Vinegar
1 tbsp Salt
1 Cup Oil
Do watch my video demo in detail...:)
  • Boil 1 Cup water in a heavy bottom wok add both the chilies garlic, onion, vinegar and salt to the water allow to cook till the chilies onion and garlic cook and soften a bit.
  • Once the chilies and cook switch of the stove allow to cool a bit.
  • Add to a blender along with tomato puree and grind to a smooth paste.
  • Heat a heavy bottom pan with 1 cup oil transfer the chilly paste to the pan and fry till oil surfaces allow to cool and preserve in a jar till use...:)


  1. Omg, homemade schezwan sauce looks awesome..Thanks a ton.

    1. Your most welcome...thank you so much...:)

  2. delicious dear !!! Iniviting you to join Fast food event .

    1. Sure dear will be a part of your fast food event...:)

  3. very nice presentation new to ur space..I am happy to follow u... Homemade sauce! sounds so interesting
    I have bookmarked it

  4. I tried your Schezwan sauce it turn out really yummy..... <3 <3 , I did Schezwan fried rice using this sauce everyone loved it, thanks for the lovely recipe :) :)



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