100%Being Original HP#Original Copy

I wanted to Blog about copyright issues a long time back jotting down my ideas on a book why copyright is an issue  and how do you feel when your content is stolen? I never really got a chance to speak about it on my food blog since i was focused on creating and uploading my own content today i want to talk loud and clear the issues I've been facing. this is also going to be my entry for HP being original.
Do view my video and enjoy the flower show...:)
On 20th of January 2013 I registered myself to attend an event organized by Indiblogger Original Blogger meet. It was an enjoyable event for all bloggers. I got to meet real people out from the virtual world everyone had some story to talk about copyright issues. Its sad to see when your hard work is stolen and rights reserved to someone else...

I'm not a tech savvy person to talk about HP Printers and cartridges. all i know as a layman i'm only going to purchase original cartridges from the company for my printer as I saw the print and picture quality at the event. its tough being a brand and delivering the right product to public. HP and Indiblogger has added that extra mile in bringing all bloggers together to blog a original content.
Since 26th January is around the block again Bangalore is gearing up with loads of events for republic day. this year its special  as we've stepped into 2013 and the world has not come to an end thanks to mother earth she loves us a lot...Bangalore is know for its parks and nature every year i make it a point to visit the flower show and post something about our culture on my blog we are so lucky to have such a wonderful event...thanks you mother nature...and also thank you lalbagh for giving us a wonderful treat and a serene surrounding to unwind and think about more blog posts...
I'm just guessing and wishing if only i could use the HP Printer to print out my clicks to create postcards for family and friends it would be so great...
Anyone can use my clicks but make sure to send me a mail vidyascooking@gmail.com please make it a point to acknowledge ones work...
Last but not least if your a cooking show host and prepare one of my recipes or my fellow bloggers recipes please don't chance the original content please kindly make sure to admit our existence on the virtual world...
Be a original and 100% good citizen because being fake is costly and does not hold ground for long...Jai Hind.


  1. I have some oriental lilies at home right now, and their heady smell wafting through the room. That combined with your pictures..awesome! Hope you get that printer!!!

  2. Hi vidya :)
    finally caught U on ur blog :) ws actually searching for U !

    Bful clicks u hav got here
    keep in touch

  3. Wow, beautiful clicks,very pleasant to eyes.

  4. Hello dear Vidya! Wow I'm enjoying these flowers. Beautifully captured!

    Good luck with HP :)

    Yup, I too been complaining to Blogger about infringement and it never ends.

  5. Lovely! I totally agree on buying the original HP inks because the quality is far more better that way. I just bought new HP 301 black Ink cartridge yesterday for my printer actually.



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