Tri Color Pori Urundai (Indian Flag Inspired)

Wishing everyone a very Happy Independence Day.
My mom and granny used to prepare these pori urundai and few other sweets during Independence day as years passed with many diabetics at home this tradition stopped this independence i wanted to start it all over again and prepared some sweets topping my list Pori Urundai . 

Pori urundai recipe demo video...

4 Cups Pori/Puffed Rice
1/2 Cup Jaggarey
1/4 Cup Water
Orange and Green Colours

  • Its always recommended to clean the puff rice before use.
  • Heat a heavy bottom pot I've used a wok on medium flame.
  • Add jaggery and water bring to a boil allow the jaggery to melt using a strainer strain the melted jaggery.
  • Add the strained jaggery back on medium flame bring to boil  place water in a bowl add few drops of jaggery to the water if your able to form pearl consistency then add puffed rice and mix well till the melted jaggery has distributed evenly.
  • Oil hands start forming ladoo shape as soon as possiable if the mixture cools down it will be difficult to form and shape.
  • Allow to air dry a bit till heat has gone store it in air tight container.

  • To add color follow the same steps melt the jaggery add it back on flame then add color and repeat the process of forming ladoo.
  • Since I was giving away these ladoo to kids at a local school near by I prepared a large batch of these.
  • To make them look more attractive I printed out Indian Flag with Gandhi quotes using post it notes and bamboo skewers i secured the flag on skewers.  

  • Once the flag skewers were done I pierced the ladoo on the skewers gifted them to kids the moment i gave them these tricolor ladoo they were so happy and thanked me.

Normally we dont add colors to the recipe since its festive occasion I prepared it in tricolor.
Our neighbors kid vishwa 2 1/2 years old posing for my blog. God bless him. 


  1. Looks gorgeous and ur ti colour pori urundal looks stunning..Cute kiddo..

  2. This is one of my most favorite snack. Will definitely try it out. Thank you.

  3. pori urundai with different colours looks unique.



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