Chilly Garlic Cassava/Tapioca Chips

I had tapioca in my fridge its was raining cats and dogs obviously i was in a mood for fried and chilly hot chips so i had to prepare and share this recipe....bangalore has worst weathers from warm weather it will change to rainy and cold in no time...
Recipe Video Demo..

250 Grams Tapioca/Cassava 
10 Pods Garlic
10 Green Chillies
2 Tbsp Rice or Corn Flour
Salt as per taste
Oil for frying 

  • Wash and peel the tapioca remove all the hard bits for some reason tapioca does not stay in fridge it turns bad dont store in fridge if you buy them.
  • Place the tapioca in a colander add 3 cups water to a pressure cooker place tapioca in the cooker and steam cook for 7 to 8 whistles till its well done.
  • Once the cassava has cooked chop into finger length chips heat oil on medium flame.
  • In a mixerjar add chillies and garlic add salt grind to a paste once ground add the paste to the chopped chips along with corn or rice flour mix well and fry in oil once golden brown in color drain oil and serve right away...Enjoy...:)

These chips can be served for any south indian meal it will taste yum...:)



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