Papaya Chutney Recipe By Chef Smata Gupta @Mast Kalandar Bengaluru

When we visiting Mast Kalandar Chef Smata, shared few recipes with us these recipes are so easy to prepare at home with very less ingredients. Papaya chutney is one recipe which can be practically served with bread, roti and poori it can be eaten as it is kids of all ages would love this yummy dish.

Chef Smata has many years of experience she has worked with Taj Group and so on currently for the past 9 years she been is working with Mast kalandar right from picking the ingredients and sourcing the right products to menu planning she does it all with ease. I feel so proud to see a women in charge of the entire operations hats off to her hard work.

Pallavi Gupta - Coo and Co-founder, Mast kalandar has many years of experience in the retail field currently a very proud Coo of mast kalandar is looking forward to expand the operations across India and so on. Pallavi also told us that they are looking forward to source the best of produce and nurture the needs of customers they do not add any food coloring preservatives and so on in their recipes this strict policy is making them set high standards. home style food which is healthy is what we want to serve young and old it should also be at an affordable price range.

1 Kilo Papaya
8 Chilies Slit
6 Cloves
1 Tbsp Sugar
1 Tsp Salt
2 Tbsp Oil

  • Peel de-seed and cube the papaya into bite size pieces.
  • Heat oil in a wok add the cloves and chilies fry a bit.
  • Add the chopped papaya add sugar and salt stir for a minute.
  • Garnish with finely chopped mint, coriander  and lime juice remove from flame and serve...enjoy this yummy chutney with roti or bread...:)
Do view the recipe video and prepare yourself...

This is also a dish when people prepare during Navaratri. This Chutney recipe is widely prepared in rajasthan and other northern states during vrat(fasting). Thanks to Mast Kalandar for sharing this simple and healthy recipe.

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