Chocolate Golgappas (Chocolate PaniPuri)

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First recipe post for 2015. This is an original recipe after many attempts. whaata grand success feeling so proud...:) It all started in 2014 somewhere in June when my fellow foodie posted a chocolate golgappa pic on FB. That pic was driving me nuts and wanted to badly taste it to my luck when I visited one of my very close friends house warming ceremony the restaurant where they organized buffet served me this golgappa I was so excited but my spirits dampened soon after tasting it. the creativity and the entire golgappa was so bad it was soggy and falling apart. I took this as a challenge and tried on my own.

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First and fore most for my recipe I had to choose a heavy duty golgappa the thin skin ones are way to soggy and are not apt for this particular recipe. So I was brainstorming tried many different golgappa variations on my own I was no where close. I gave up trying this chocolate golgappa ultimately on a very fortunate day of grocery shopping found something called papad golgappa after a few attempts and building the recipe in my head had to practically try it...guess was perfect...:)

I must be honest the chocolate mousse and whipping cream are out of a box please dont judge me I will recommend you to try the same will post the product link and "taste-o-meter" at the end of this blog. If you want it to be authentic and all done by you I will have the link posted to my chocolate mousse recipe at the end.

I also chose to use oranges in this recipe to my luck I'm right in the heart of orange season and its in abundance. Chocolate and oranges is a classic combo we can always make compromises and use a banana instead of oranges.

10 to 15 Hard Shell Papadi Golgappas
200 Grams Cooking Grade Milk Chocolate
1 Orange Peeled and De-seeded Segments
50 Grams Pack Blue Bird Chocolate Mousse
100 Grams Pack Blue Bird Whipping Cream
1 Cup Haldirams Salted Roasted Peanuts or Almonds
Chocolate vermicelli (Optional) for garnish

We also require fancy shot glasses to serve and mint sprigs if you fancy for garnish.

  • Prepare the chocolate mousse and whipped cream ahead of time. truly these products are life savers simple instructions given and very easy to follow. how ever the one thing in chocolate mousse is i would alternate this recipe a bit and add 4 to 5 tbsp of melted chocolate mix and set it.
  • Take the golgappa as the skin is hard we will have to create a cavity prior. using a serrated knife saw gently and create a cavity use the left overs to prepare papadi chaat.
  • If there is a lot of salt in the peanuts use a sieve to shake out the excess salt and then use.
  • Chop the cooking chocolate into chunks and add to a micro safe bowl place it in 30 second intervals keep stirring and melt it. took me 1 minute to melt the entire batch of chocolate.
  • Take the peanuts in a bowl add few tbsp of chocolate mix well to coat and spread over a foiled sheet or oiled plate place it in the refrigerator for a minute. 
  • Remove the peanuts from the fridge and separate reserve in a bowl.
  • I pierced a fork in my golgappa for grip to coat it with chocolate you can also use a bamboo skewer to coat the golgappa with chocolate.
  • Pierce the other side of the golgappa using a fork please do this gently  hold the golgappa in the left hand Using a spoon I coated the golgappa with melted chocolate and placed it on the foil and allowed it to set in the fridge. some extra hands will be an added advantage for this process.
  • Once set add a few pieces of chocolate nuts as first layer then top with mousse and then the whipped cream now at this point you can either garnish with mint grated chocolate and so on I did garnish with the grated chocolate place the fruit of your choice and serve right away.
For adults create a trifle using the mousse and whipped cream in the shot glass chill it prior and just before serving create and place the golgappa on top and serve right away. 

Awesome recipe for kids birthday party or anniversary pre planning and preparations will truly make things magical prepare my recipe for the next dinner party or just treat the hungry souls at home..they will truly enjoy and love it...

Chocolate mousse and whipping cream used in this recipe is from:

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