Chocolate Fudge Cake

I'm totally falling in love with convection microwave baking these days. When baking in a convection microwave we need to bake ingredients in small portions the micro oven can handle upto 300 to max 450 Grams baking at once...

Since I dont bake on a regular basis we do not stock up on baking ingredients like baking powder, cocopowder and so on it will surely be a waste to store ingredients if your not using it on regular basis..Buying instant cake mix solves half my burden and its cheap better to invest in one product than waste.

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250 Grams Chocolate Cake Mix any brand
200 ML Fresh Cream
200 Grams Dark Chocolate
500 ML Water

If you want to prepare cake from scratch then use self raising flour:
100 Grams Cocopowder, 50 Grams Sugar, 150 Grams Self Raising Flour, 2 Eggs, 150 ML Water, 100 ML Cream and 10 Tbsp Oil...This recipe can also be baked in a convection Microwave...

  • Following the package directions in a bowl I whisked 2 eggs, 100ml fresh cream, 150 ml water and 8 Tbsp oil first.
  • Then added the cake mix in batches and whisked till well combined and there is no lumps..
  • In a micro safe bowl or glass dish apply oil. I used a 8X9"inch borosil glass dish. Pour the cake batter in the dish make sure there are no air pockets we want a dense cake.
  • Place the dish in the microwave for 5 minutes. Please check the cake in every 1 minute interval the temperature from oven to oven varies some oven make take up even 7 minutes to cook. After 5 minutes prick a toothpick or a knife to check if the cake is done.
How to check if the cake is cooked take a knife or a tooth pick prick in the middle of the cake to see if the cake batter sticks on the knife if the knife is clean the cake is cooked.
  • Once the cake is cooked remove from oven and place it on the kitchen counter using a knife prick several holes in the cake while its still warm.
  • Heat a heavy bottom pan on medium flame add 500ml water along with 200 grams chocolate and 100ml cream constantly keep stirring until the chocolate melts and all the ingredients are well combined I would recommend you to use a balloon whisk to stir the chocolate...
  • Once the chocolate is melted pour the hot fudge on the cake allow the cake to absorb the fudge for 5 to 10 minutes serve the cake warm with vanilla ice cream and extra fudge topped...Enjoy..:)
This cake can also be served as a sizzler the chocolate this will truly be a hit in your next party...make sure to use best quality chocolate for this recipe.
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Thank you so much for visiting my blog do try this simple recipe and post your comments. For media use please do not copy any content and pics with out written permission from me contact me via cooking..:)

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