Rustic Banana Leaf Fish Fry Recipe

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The first time I tasted this fish fry was at karavalli The Gateway Hotels. I loved the spicy tangy fish fry was very tasty. The original recipe they added a vinegar from coorg which is also know as kachampulli we can substitute this with tamarind pulp regular vinegar or lime juice. However in my experiment I attempted and added Worcestershire sauce which contains tamarind onion and garlic we totally loved all the flavors from this fish it had hint of pickle and banana leaf flavor which was yum when served with sambar and rice... 

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500 Grams Basa Fish Fillets
3 Tbsp Chilly Powder
1 Tsp Turmeric Powder
1/2 Tsp Pepper Powder
5 to 6 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce Substitute (Vinegar or Lime Juice)
Salt as per taste
6 Tbsp Oil for frying
Banana leafs
10 Cups Hot water

  • Cut the Basa fish fillets into 3 inch pieces, Wash the basa fillets pat dry and reserve.
  • In a mixing bowl add turmeric, pepper powder, chilly powder and Worcestershire sauce check for salt add if needed mix all the ingredients till well combined..
  • Add the basa fish to the marinate apply the marinate to all the fish fillets till its evenly spread..cover and allow to marinate in the fridge for 1 hours time.
  • Cut the banana leaf into 12 X 12 inch pieces..In a large bowl add hot water  dip the banana leaf in hot water so that its flexible to work with once the leaf is flexible pat dry..
  • Place the fish in the middle of the banana leaf wrap like and fold into parcels.
  • Heat a wok/pan with 6 tbsp oil on medium flame gently place the parcels one by one fry for a minute on each side till the fish is cooked drain the excess oil and serve hot with lime wedges and onion rings...Enjoy...:)

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