Custard Powder Halwa

Custard powder halwa is a classic recipe. My granny and mom always used to make variations in this recipe sometimes they would add green color and pista flavor or pineapple flavor and chunks of tinned pineapple its totally your choice you can create any flavor halwa with just custard powder. 

I changed a few things here and there instead of ghee I used coconut oil since that is my current favorite flavor and used cardamom essence instead of powder i did not like specks of cardamom peeking through in a transparent halwa. Custard powder is eggless this recipe is an excellent life saver if your organizing parties and have to create instant desserts for guests.

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1 Cup Custard Powder
2 Cups Sugar
10 Cashews Chopped + 1 Tbsp Melon Seeds
(We can also add chopped almonds and pista)
6 Tbsp Coconut oil
3 Drops Cardamom Flavor
2 Cups Water
I've given tea cup measure for all the ingredients. Use cake tin or any Tupperware or cheese container to set the halwa...
  • Heat a wok on medium flame. Add coconut oil once the coconut oil foams a bit add the chopped cashews and melon seeds fry till the cashews turn light pink in color.
  • Once the cashews turn light pink in color add sugar and custard powder mix all the ingredients till well combined.
  • Fry the custard powder and sugar on very low flame for a minute.
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  • Add water to the mixture and stir to form a smooth batter.
  • Add the cardamom flavor and keep stirring.
  • On low flame keep stirring the mixture making sure the sugar melts thoroughly.
  • Once the custard mixture turns lumpy and forms halwa consistency place the flame on high and stir till the halwa turns transparent. 
  • The halwa will turn glossy in 10 minutes at that point transfer into a container in which you want the halwa to set allow to cool and cut into desired pieces...Serve...Enjoy. 

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