Popcorn Chicken Recipe

I first came across this snack/starter at the Biere Club totally fell in love with it. After many trails and fails finally found the right or exact consistency for chicken popcorn...

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250 Grams Chicken Breast or boneless chicken(cut into tiny pieces)
1 Egg
3 Pods Garlic Crushed
1 Tbsp Pepper powder
1 Tbsp Chilly powder
2 Tbsp Maida/Allpurpose flour
Salt as per taste
Oil for frying...
  • Use boneless chicken for this recipe or chicken breats cut into tiny pieces or ask your butcher to cut it...wash the chicken and drain all the excess moisture using a colander..
  • Transfer the chicken to a mixing bowl add chilly powder, pepper powder, salt and egg mix well allow to marinate for minimum 15 minutes,
  • Add maida to the chicken mix well till throughly coated
  • Spread panko bread crumbs in a plate roll the chicken pieces in panko and reserve.
  • Heat oil in a wok on medium flame drop the chicken pieces and fry for a minute on each side until the color changes golden brown.
  • Drain the excess oil and place it on a kitchen towel once the oil has drained serve hot with tarter sauce...Enjoy...:)

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Tips to prepare Panko: Take only the white portion from the bread sun dry throughly crush using a rolling pin store in freezer until use...

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