Our journey continues from sakleshpur to mangalore. The drive from sakleshpur was amazing. The sharp curvy roads led us to untouched wilderness we passed through many plantations, woodlands, picturesque views, and the foggy climate added to the charm...Uff the mystical charm that fog creates...

The Mangalore Express Highway is truly amazing we reached mangalore (lalbagh) around 2 pm. All of us were super hungry and the weather surprisingly was bit humid than expected. Mangalore truly has wonderful structures first colonial style building that I noticed was the MCC (Mangalore City Cooperation) the government building looks classy and stylish here.

We wanted to finish lunch first before heading to udupi. Chef Jolly and team led us to a restaurant called foodlands located at lalbagh road mangalore it is said to be one of the best shetty restaurants in that area. Once all of us settled down a bit at foodlands we got to meet the owner Ashish Shetty.

Foodland whips up some amazing dishes,  I've not tasted fish so fresh and tasty before they serve  generous portions. The kori roti (Free range chicken curry served with a crispy rice bread) was super tasty and I felt it was an authentic recipe and was right...When I told Ashish the kori roti was superb he gently nods his head with a smile and says its my grandma's recipe. 

What we tasted at foodlands...
Spicy Buttermilk (Lassi)

Crispy Fried Kane

Pomfret Pulimunchi

Koli Gassi and Fish Gassi (Anchovies) With Rice

Chicken Sukka

Kori Roti

Kane Pulimunchi

Chicken Pulimunchi

 After a terrific meal we boarded back in the car and headed towards Udupi...Thank you so much for reading part-3 of culinary adventure with chef jolly...In part 4 I will showcase a Udupi Brahmin family and an adventures meal.

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