The Drive from Hassan to Sakleshpur was around 45 minutes. Saleshpur nestled in the foothills of western ghats seems to be a retreat. Surrounded by captivating mountains and greenery the calm and peaceful environment is a haven for campers. Sakleshpur is know for pepper, coffee, kallu (slowcooked beans) and roti.

We stopped by surabhi hotel to savor some akki/rice roti and coffee. Chef jolly and team wanted to see the entire process how these fluffy rotis are made. 

The restaurant owners were bit reluctant to allow us in the kitchen once they got to know chef jolly they were more then happy to accommodate all of us in a tiny kitchen located at the basement.

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These rice rotis are made from IR8 rice. Cream of rice is cooked and salt is added once cool to the touch.They knead the rice to form a dough and this process needs lot of practice and patience. 

The dough ball is pressed in a roti press and then cooked on stove the roti puffs like a pillow and here in bangalore we call it ubbu roti. 

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After a wonderful master class on ubbu roti...All of us had wonderful creamy coffee totally satisfied we started our journey and headed towards mangalore.

Thank you so much for reading Part- 2 of Culinary Adventure. I will take you across mangalore and udupi in the upcoming posts. 

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