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I have no complains when healthy snacks are delivered right to my doorstep. Snalthy is an all Indian Brand on a mission to provide its consumers with high fiber and rich in protein snacks. I very rarely come across a product which says no chemical, no refined ingredients and no oil.  Since snalthy snacks are all natural product one can snack between meals with out guilt since snalthy already portions your serving and helps you consume the required amount. has a wide range of healthy snacking options listed on their site. Chips, bars, sticks and cookies are all made with millets, raw sugar, whole wheat, rice,  sea salt and butter. They do not use any flavors to enhance the taste of the snack its all natural ingredients like nuts, tomatoes, fenugreek and oranges. 

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Since Snalthy is a all natural heart friendly product which contains millets and rice its a safe option for people who are suffering from gluten allergy however many people who are allergic to nuts or seeds please read the ingredients listed on the products carefully and proceed with your order. They ship through out India on the same day. 

All of us are used to eating snacks in large portions between 150 to 250 grams and we have no clue what goes into the making of such puffy crispy stuff. normally when we consume huge amounts of fried stuff at home my parents and I end up suffering with heart burns.

These burns are so bad it simply continues the entire night and we are so full with snacking which causes us to skip our lunch or dinner this happens in many homes across India and abroad. Hard reality in todays lifestyle changes snacking has becomes a meal for many adults and kids which is causing obesity...we need to control the urge for such snacking and lifestyle changes and start to rethink before ever snack we consume. 

I appreciate the efforts Snalthy conveniently portions the snacks between 25 to 38 grams per serving this is perfect portion to solve your cravings for the hour. We were totally impressed with the packaging none of these snacks were damaged during the shipment. These bubble packs are convenient to carry in your lunch bag or handbag and store upto 45 days after packaging.

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Over all we loved the product and will make more purchases. After consuming the snacks we were not overly full and did not get any heart burns. 

Since all products now a days are kid centered products there are less options for adults and senior citizens snalthy is focused to provide #snacksmadehealthy for all ages.

Here is what I got to taste 

Mixed Seed Rusk: A bread slice with inter fusion of pumpkin,flax and watermelon seeds that are baked until dry, crisp and golden brown to give a break time rusky feast. Watermelon seeds supports normal heart function. 

Cocoa Almond Cookies:Fusion of cocoa with watermelon seed makes a rich and real taste of cookies. Cocoa used in cookies are good in reducing risk of heart disease. 

SALTED BAKED POTATO CHIPS: Mashed potatoes piped, deeply baked and seasoned with sea salt that you cant stop eating it.

CRISPY MEXICAN CHIPS: A special mix of powdered tomato with potato chips are commonly served as a snack, side dish, or appetizer. Potato is rich source of potassium.

SPINACH CRACKERS: Spinach is rich in iron and minerals these spinach crackers are made with ragi. Yummy snack on hectic days when you feel peckish.

SALTED APPLE STICKS: Perfectly ripen apples are blended and made into sticks which gives a sweet taste.Apples are good source of antioxidants, and rich source of vitamin C.

CRISPY METHI CRACKERS: Frenugreek is a natural source of protein and fiber  the seeds and  leaves are used in Indian cooking. now in snacking with spell-binding flavor of most sensational snack .

GARLIC STICKS:  These garlic flavored sticks are prefect to dip with hummus or served with tomato soup. Garlic helps to reduce excess fat content in our body and also helps in digestion.

ALMOND COOKIES: These Almond cookies are made with whole wheat and crushed almonds. Almonds are rich in antioxidants and helps in stress reduction. 

ORANGE BANANA STICKS: Freshly Reaped Bananas are made into paste to form a fruitful stick.

SESAME RAISINS BAR: This Trio combo of dates,raisins and shower of sesame will make you to bite and enjoy every bit of the Bar. Dates are rich in minerals prevents anemia. 

CARAMEL TOFFEE: Start craving a small bite and melt in every chew with caramel toffee in sweet way. Palm sugar used is low in GI. 

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