Fish in Blackbean Sauce - Indo Chinese Recipe

This Fish in blackbean sauce is an asian/chinese inspired side-dish. I prepare this dish when ever i find fresh king fish in the market. Fresh kingfish is easy to skin out and tastes really good in this dish. We can also use frozen basa for this recipe. 

Blackbean sauce is available at all super markets. This sauce is so versatile we can use this sauce for so many recipes like stir fries and curries.

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1 kilo Skinned and Washed King Fish Pieces or Basa Fish
3 Tbsp Black Bean Sauce
1 Large Onion and Capsicum Chopped into Large Cubes
3 Green Chilies Slit
1 Whole Garlic Peeled
6 Pods Garlic Peeled and Chopped
1 Inch Ginger
10 Red Chilies
1 Tbsp Pepper Powder
3 + 2 Tbps Corn Flour
2 Tbsp Soya Sauce
1 Tbsp Vinegar
Fresh Scallions Chopped
Salt as per taste
Oil as required
1 Cup Warm Water or Chicken Stock

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Method: Once the fish is washed and cleaned thoroughly place the fish in a colander and allow the excess moisture to drain. Place a wok with 1 1/2 cups oil to heat on low flame. Transfer the fish to a mixing bowl add 3 tbsp corn flour salt as per taste and pepper powder coat the fish in dry ingredients.

First fry the dried red chilies in hot oil on low flame once the chilies turn light golden in color transfer to a mixer jar add ginger and garlic grind to form a smooth paste. Start frying the fish in batches of 3 pieces in the same chilly oil on low to medium flame. Fry the fish for a minutes time drain excess oil and reserve on a paper towel. 

Heat a wok on medium flame add 2 tbsp oil or we can use the fried fish oil. Once the oil reaches smoking point add garlic and 2 dried red chilies and fry till the raw flavor from the garlic has gone.

Add the ground masala to the garlic and fry for a minute. Add the cubed capsicum, slit green chilies and onion to the masala and fry for a minute.

Add the blackbean sauce, soya sauce and salt to the masala fry for a minute. Transfer the fish to the masala Gently toss to coat. Mix 2 tbsp corn flour with water in a bowl and reserve.

If you want gravy add water if not corn starch can be added directly. Add warm water or stock to the fish and bring to a rapid boil on high flame add corn starch stir gently check for salt add if needed once the sauce thickens serve hot with burnt garlic noodles/rice or hakka noodles...Enjoy...:)

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