Podi Idlis Recipe

Podi Idlis have become so popular in south in recent times. We can see street vendors preparing these idlis during evening as a tea time snack. I must warn these are quite spicy and bit on the oily side. 

Street vendors prepare this recipe with fresh idlis they practically melt in your mouth after watching them prepare...I tried preparing these idlis and used freshly prepared idlis, they tend to absorb lot of oil and I ended up with a heartburn, however this time I used leftovers they do not absorb much oil and taste much better compared to the fresh idly. 

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8 Left over or Freshly Prepared Idlis
6 Tbsp Ghee
3 Tbsp Sesame Oil
3 Tbsp Idly Chutney Powder
3 Tbsp Chilly Powder 
Salt as per taste...

Method: Add the idlis to a mixing bowl. Add 3 Tbsp ghee coat the idlis with ghee first...ghee will help in adhering the podi. Sprinkle the chutney podi over the idly and coat well. 

Mix the salt along with chilly powder and sprinkle over the podi idly coat well reserve. Heat a pan on medium flame add 3 tbsp ghee and 3 tbsp sesame oil once the oil is hot transfer the idlis and fry on medium flame until the raw flavour from the chilly powder has gone it would hardly take 5 to 10 minutes...Serve them hot with sambar and chutney...Enjoy...:)

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  1. I liked your video of podi idly making. Good. Keep it up.


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