Product Review - Yoga Bars (Bars That Love You Back)

Hi Friends, One must never skip on a meal specially breakfast. Unfortunately many of us find no time for breakfast and lunch our lifestyles are such these days and there are some days when one all of a sudden feels so guilty about weight and skips all 3 meals.

Avoiding and skipping meals are not going to help anyone to reduce weight over night. We need essential nutrients to generate energy to progress in life. 

There is nothing guilty to feel about food if one has to eat a heavy meal or snack go ahead but also exercise accordingly. I come across many articles about guilty pleasure foods, if food is so guilty why talk or read about it. 

These articles in a way are affecting many younger generation. People who read such piece of information are in age groups between 12 to 16. Yoga bars are not for kids in this age group however one can try these meal replacement bars.

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Founders of Yoga Bars are two young and creative sisters, Suhasini and Anindita. They used to work in Newyork for a multinational company. On their regular trips to a Whole Foods Store they saw a huge demand for food alternatives, which could be prepared and produced in India. 

After returning to India they chose to work with people in food industry like bakeries and continued their research and development. They wanted to create an all-natural product with no artificial flavours or additives in it also priced at a affordable price point and tasty as possible, using natural Indian ingredients. Thus created Yoga Bars targeting 25 to 36 year old audience who are leading a very hectic and active lifestyle.


Yoga Bars comes in 6 assorted varieties Cashew orange zest, Chocolate chunk nut, Vanilla almond, Nuts and seeds, Chocolate brownie and Peanut butter.

The meal replacement bars contain oats, dates, honey, nuts and seeds in case of specific diets or allergies one must always read the contents and proceed with purchase.

Yoga Bars does not contain any additives or preservatives, nor does it contain any refined sugars. This product is also free of dairy and soya. Which is a wonderful offering for vegan consumers. Yoga Bars are offered in 38 gram packs per serving.

Yoga Bars are available on Amazon priced at 300 to 400/- rupees. I received 4 different flavors from the company Cashew orange zest, Chocolate chunk nut, Vanilla almond, Nuts and seeds.

The Bars are a source of fiber containing 3-4 grams of protein and offering 150-170 calories per serving. The bars also have a good percentage of healthy fats like Omega 3 and 6 and antioxidants.

Vanilla almond: Oats, Dates, honey, almonds, rice bran oil, coco, chia, amaranth, cinnamon and natural flavors like rosemary extract and vanilla.

Chocolate Chunk Nut: Dates, oats, honey,cashew, coco, almonds, amaranth, chia and dark chocolate also contain rosemary extract for flavor.

Cashew Orange Zest: Oats, dates, honey, cashew,cranberry, coco, almond, amaranth, chia and rosemary extract and Orange oil...

Nuts & Seeds Crunch : Dates, oats, honey, almonds, cashew, chia,flax, pumpkinm sunflower, sesame and watermelon contains natural flavors like rosemary extract.

When I sat down to do this review I already had a full breakfast and as I was taste testing these bars it totally filled me up and I eventually ended up skipping 2 meals they are chewy. People who enjoy natural flavors will enjoy these bars. 

Shelf-life of this product is only for 3 month. Please make sure to check the expiry date before purchase.

Diabetic and people on special diet need to read to contents carefully before purchasing the product. Overall this is an amazing diet replacement product. Specially designed for people who enjoy snacking can start their diet journey with the yoga bars progressing to much altered and restricted diet chart.

Disclaimer: I'm not a certified nutritionist to promote diet bars or diet replacement product. Please read the contents and also consult your doctor or nutritionist before purchase.

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