Product Review - Chef's Basket Oriental Wok Noodles

Hi Friends, This is my second product review for Chef's Basket range. Me being a hardcore lover of oriental food, was totally excited to receive the noodle kit. I must thank the PR person from the company who contacted me for this review.  

About Chef's Basket: They are a Mumbai Based Company. The Products launched by the company are available across India. One can also purchase their products on Amazon. The Products undergo rigorous research and repeated testing before launch, because the company vouch its natural with no artificial preservatives or added colour. All products are strictly taste tested, monitored and prepared under the intricate eye of  top chefs.

Chef's Basket Oriental Wok noodles is available at an affordable price point ranging between 60/- to 75/- Rupees. The noodles must be used within a months time. Shelf life of these products are limited which is good. We can limit our purchase and avoid stocking up products in bulk, which in turn also helps us create more space in our pantry.

Net weight of this oriental noodle kit is at 180 to 182 grams, serves one person. The portion size is generous if your planning to add sides can be shared among two. What really caught my attention was the noodles its whole wheat noodles no preservatives or additives added to the product. 

I'm really impressed with the whole wheat noodles because my parents who are suffering from acute diabetes, can also taste some noodles. How ever one with special diet charts must consult the doctor before consuming the product. The product contains gluten and sesame. please read the contents before purchase.

The packaging looks really attractive noodles can be prepared and served in the box itself. Create, share and enjoy fun moments with entire family. Kids will surely enjoy eating out of a box. 

The QR code can be scanned to watch the recipe video on mobile this is really a wonderful approach to present the recipe for one who has no idea how to cook or a person who has just started cooking.

The Kit is 100% natural and all vegetarian. We can add choice of meats and vegetables toss to create noodles with chicken or prawns. Each noodle kit comes with a packet of noodles, sauce and seasoning salt. The three step recipe is easy to follow to create yummy noodles.
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The noodle kit comes in four different flavors, TSING HOI, KUNG PAO, TANGY SICHUAN and KHOW SUEY. 

Coming to how I felt about the product. I was surprised with all the flavors and taste I felt all these noodles were from a classic pan asian restaurant. 

I'm really excited and looking forward to prepare these gourmet noodles under five minutes at home, on a budget,  to create one of a kind experience for a small cookout party or any occasion. 

I followed the instructions and cooked the noodles first. Stir-fried mixed vegetables in a wok, I prepared stir fried vegetables in bulk, and divided into four equal portions tossed in the sauce, seasoning and noodles to create gourmet style noodles. 

TSING HOI: A salty dark sauce made with garlic and soy beans

KUNG PAO: Noodles in a spicy sauce from Southwest China

TANGY SICHUAN: Tangy noodles with a garlic and chilly flavour.

KHOW SUEY: Spicy creamy noodles from Burma and Northern Thailand.

I'm looking forward to Explore authentic Oriental aromas and hues in my upcoming cookout events!

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