Traditional Southindian Fist Dumplings ( Pidi Kozhukattai) Recipe

These fist shaped dumplings are popular in southindia we offer these dumplings to Lord Ganesha. There are many varieties of rice dumplings served during Ganesh Chathurthi, with or without filling dumplings are holistic approach to healthy eating. 

Dumplings are auspicious and a complete meal. Some popular southindian dumplings are sesame dumplings, coconut dumplings and lentil dumplings. In Tamil dumplings are called as Kozhukattai.

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2 Cups Rice Flour
1 1/2 Cups Jaggery
2 Tbsp Cardamom
2 Tbsp Grated Coconut
2 Tbsp Ghee
Dash of Salt
4 Cups Water

Heat a pan on medium flame, once the pan reaches almost smoking point add rice flour, place the flame on low and stir constantly roast the rice flour until the raw flavor from the rice flour has gone, or best way to check if the rice flour has roasted is to take a pinch of flour and draw a line on the kitchen counter. 

Rice flour must be free flowing and try to retain white color. Once the rice flour has roasted transfer to a plate allow to cool. 

Crush the jaggery if its in a ball form we can also grate the jaggery to measure. Measure the jaggery and add to a heavy bottom pot. Add 4 cups water and place on medium flame and stir until jaggery has melted.

Once the jaggery has melted strain and place the jaggery water back on flame add ghee, cardamom, salt and grated coconut bring to a boil and start adding the rice flour stir and make sure no lumps are formed.

If your rice flour is roasted thoroughly lumps will not form while cooking.

Place the flame on low all the ingredients should combine well and form a ball consistency. 

Once the dough has formed ball consistency remove from flame allow to cool

Heat a pressure cooker or wok with water for steaming.

We are using colander to steam cook the dumplings one can use idly plates too.

Take a lime size ball of dumpling mixture. Place the mixture in your fist and press to form a fist shaped dumplings.

Grease your steaming plate or basket with ghee before steam cooking dumplings. For added flavor line the dumpling plate with banana leaf apply ghee and place the created dumplings for steaming.

Steam cook dumplings for 10 minutes, How do you know if a dumpling is cooked??? The dumplings should slightly turn transparent or when a sharp knife or tooth pick inserted it should come out clean.

Serve right away Enjoy :)

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