Mootichur Basundi Pannacotta Recipe

I normally enjoy creating fusion desserts hence combined our two favorite desserts store bought mootichur ladoos and home made basundi, to create Mootichur Basundi Pannacotta. Its one of those desserts which we enjoyed and will be preparing again and again for many more celebrations.

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500 ML Full Fat Milk
4 Tbsp Badam Milk Powder Please click here for Recipe
3 Tbsp Chopped Nuts: Almonds, Pista, Melon seeds and Cashews
1/2 Tin Condensed Milk
2 Tbsp Agar Agar or Gelatine
1/2 Cup Warm Water 
4 Store Bought Mootichur Ladoos
100 Grams Khoya or Milk Powder

Prep Up:
Soak the gelatine in warm water.
Soak all the nuts almonds, cashews and pista in warm water for 10 minutes. Its easy to peel and chop into desired pieces.
On low to medium flame bring to milk to a rapid boil and place on low flame.

Once the milk starts to boil add the condensed milk whisk using a balloon whisk. 
Once the condensed milk has incorporated add khoya whisk till the khoya has incorporated.
Keep whisking the milk until the milk reduces this will take 10 to 15 minutes.
Milk should coat back of a spoon at that point add badam milk powder and whisk.
Add gelatine and whisk bring to a rapid boil and remove from flame allow the milk to cool a bit and distribute evenly in shot glasses or a bowl your going to serve the basundi.
Once the basundi reaches room temperature place it in the fridge allow to set.
Crumble mootichur ladoos combine the chopped nuts.
Top the basundi with mootichur ladoos serve chilled...Enjoy :)

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