Product Review: Tupperware Ultimo Series - Speedy Chef

I was contacted by Tupperware who sent me this wonderful product called Speedy Chef. The speedy-chef works "Without power" Simple and fast blender which is effectively fast pitch compared to regular electrical beater. Speedy chef is geared with 6 x 2 n shaped beaters its faster than the electrical hand blender with "Normal crowds".

A package of cream or egg-whites is whipped to stiff peaks in seconds, pancake dough, mayonnaise or sauces are fast produced...Without power fast and effective. Speedy chefs  anti skid ring on the ground enables the bowl to stays firm. 

Speedy Chef is used as cream beater or egg beats, whips and whisks cream, egg whites, pancakes, omelets and mayonnaise faster and much quicker and quieter than an electrical beater.

Speedy Chef is easy to assemble, its equally easy to detach and wash after use. The vacuum grip lid ensures no spills. The product is Priced at 3800/-, slightly pricey but in the long run we are saving huge on electricity bills. 

People who enjoy preparing desserts, milk shakes, mousse and bakes will enjoy this gadget. Speedy chef also makes a wonderful gift for people who are starting to cook.
Components which come with Speedy Chef: 
1.3 Liter Tub (Bowl Base)
Vacuum Seal Lid
Handle with integrated tunnel
Whipper with 6x2 N Shaped Blades
Anti Skid Ring on the Base

We can whip upto 4 eggs, 400 ML Cream. Tinted bowl base enables easy identification of contents being whisked to desired consistency. Speedy Chef is easy to wash detach all components soak in warm water rise with dish wash soap.

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Macaroni and Cheese Recipe using Speedy Chef:

1 1/2 Cup Macaroni (Cooked)
3 Egg
1 Cup Cheddar Cheese (Grated)
1 Cup Milk
1 Tbsp Basil
1 Tbsp Chilly Flakes
Salt and Pepper as per taste

Add the eggs to speedy chef whip the eggs until soft peaks.
Add milk to the eggs along with herbs and salt whip until all ingredients are combined.
Add cheese to macaroni along with the egg mixture mix well and place in micro wave for a minute. mix well and place for another quick minute remove and mix well, if the consistency is thick served right away if not place it for 30 seconds and serve.
This is a fool proof mac and cheese recipe I prepare this all the time and serve it along with grill chicken my family and friends enjoy this dish. We can also use a mug to prepare this dish makes it a unique presentation if served with mug. 

I enjoyed using Tupperware Speedy Chef looking forward to create more recipes. Thanks to PR and Tupperware Team. For more info visit:

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