Green Beans Stir Fry (Southindian style) / Beans Pirattal

Green beans stir fry is a common side dish that we serve with roti or rice. This side dish is prepared at a typical Bengaluru based Mudhaliar house for lunch or dinner.

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500 Grams Green Beans
1 Tbsp Mustard Seeds
A Pinch Cooking Soda
6 Dried Red Chilies
3 Tbsp Black Gram Dhal
1/4 Tsp Asafoetida
Salt as per taste
2 Tbsp Oil

Prep Up:
Wash the green beans pat dry.
Snip the tips and remove any fibrous strings.
Slit the green beans and cut into 2 inch pieces. 

Heat a wok on medium flame once the wok smokes reduce the flame add the black gram dhal dry roast until pink in color. 

Add the dry red chilies dry roast along with dhal for a minute remove both the ingredients from flame, transfer to a plate allow to cool.

Place the wok back on medium flame add oil once the oil smokes add mustard allow to splutter add asafoetida followed by beans stir and fry the beans for a quick minute.

Add salt as per taste stir and add 1 cup water followed by cooking soda stir all the ingredients place a cover and cook on medium flame for 10 minutes.

Add the dry roasted ingredients to a mixture jar pulse and grind to form a coarse powder reserve. In 10 minutes if the beans has softened place the flame on high and allow the excess moisture to evaporate.

Add the ground powder to the beans fry for a minute and serve hot with roti or rice...Enjoy...:)

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