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Teabox is an ecommerce company based in India that offers consumers globally a variety of 200-300 of the best loose leaf teas, chosen for their quality and sourced from over 150 estates across India and Nepal. 

Founded in 2012, Teabox is based in the heart of India’s tea region and works directly with an extensive network of growers across India and Nepal to source over 150 teas. 

Teas are plucked, processed and packaged within one week using Teabox’s proprietary cold chain process, ensuring the freshest tea on the market is delivered to your doorstep.

Teabox is on a mission to ensure that every cup of tea consumed in the world is fresh, because fresh tea tastes best. Through innovations in supply chain sourcing, cold chain processing and packaging, Teabox has disrupted the 200 year old tea industry. 

These innovations keep the enemies of tea (moisture, heat, oxygen and light) out and keep the tea fresh, as it should be. Teabox.The world’s freshest tea. #OnlyFreshTea
Teabox has introduced 18 refreshing varieties of TeaPacs, the largest selection of loose leaf tea bags on the market. These include traditional favorites like English Breakfast and Earl Grey, and specialty blends like Masala Chai and Mountain Rose. Sold in boxes of 16 priced at INR 240, customers can mix and match any 3 boxes of their favorite teas for INR 500 and above.

For more information, please visit www.teabox.com.

Hand-picked for freshness
These are the first individually packaged tea bags sealed at the source using a natural nitrogen flush that keeps the tea as fresh as the day it was picked. The latest addition to Teabox’s line of exceptional tea products, TeaPacs offer the highest quality, loose leaf tea from Teabox’s premium collection in a more convenient, on-the-go option without compromising flavor or freshness.

Traditional tea bags are filled with the dust of broken tea leaves, while packaging constrains the leaves, preventing them from reaching their full flavor and aroma potential. 

TeaPacs feature a modern, pyramid-shaped tea bag that allows adequate headspace for the loose leaves to unfurl, resulting in a cup of tea steeped with full-bodied flavor. 

Steeping the tea was easy and fun. Place one tea bag per cup pour water which is 80 degrees warm and allow to steep for 2 minutes before serving. 

Green teas and mixed teas dont need milk or cream but if you prefer milk and sugar do mix and serve with assam chai and black chai.

Teabox also has a wide range of corporate and personalized gifts which ranges from tea packs priced at 240/-  to 6000/- fine loose teas and accessories. I personally enjoyed the teapacs and already purchased 3 boxes for my cousin and friends birthdays.

Domestic market has changed over the years many consumers are appreciating the new tea trend, tea tasting or tea parties are becoming popular among younger generation and they enjoy, these food and tea paring sessions. 

Tea Tasting involves many qualities of a tea including its aroma, flavor, body, color, clarity of liquor and so on.

Notes for tea tasting session
Tea liquor/Infusion: Appearance, Aroma and Taste

Start by identifying the type of tea being tasted: Black, White, Green, Oolong or Blend. 

Examine the dry leaves: Note their appearance, color and aroma.
Check for leaf grade, presence of buds, tips, leaf shape, color and smell.

Prepare the tea infusion as prescribed.Ensure you use fresh water.

Take into consideration the appropriate water temperature required for making a particular type of tea. 

Once tea is brewed, separate the tea leaves from the infusion.

Examine the wet leaves

Note their appearance, color and aroma.

Take a note of the leaf size at this stage of cupping. A vegetal aroma is considered a mark of a good, fresh tea.

Examine the tea liquor for its aroma and color.

Look for transparency of liquor and evaluate its color. Bring the cup close to nose and smell the ‘attack’ (first notes). For a fresh tea, the aroma should be brisk and definite, without humid odor.

Examine the taste of the liquor. 
Take in a sip of tea with plenty of oxygen and roll it in your mouth. This will give you a basic estimate of whether the tea is sweet, bitter, acidic, or umami. Inhale and drink the tea. 

Now evaluate the teas’ aroma and palate notes.Check for body (light, medium or full), the level of astringency (low to high), pungency, texture (straight creamy or velvety), the complexity of flavors, and length of flavor (short, medium or long).

We are in love with the teapac concept and will be purchasing more from Teabox. My suggestion is always try the blended teapac and purchase the tea of your choice in bulk. 

Stepping out of my comfort zone and trying new teas will be my goal for future and sipping on tea is much more healthier than alcohol. 

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