Modern Indian Cuisine #Masterclass with Chef Nimish Bhatia @Food Hall-VR Bengaluru

Foodhall in VR Bengaluru showcased Chef Nimish Bhatia, recognized as one of "25 India's Biggest Chefs", with his modern Indian molecular gastronomy. He created six beautiful dishes meticulously and passionately using fresh ingredients.

About Foodhall
Foodhall India is  a premium lifestyle food superstore created by the Future Group in 2011. Their goal is to bring home the flavours from around the world in a special retail space that every food lover would enjoy.  They have envisioned a place that allows you to not only buy unique, rare ingredients but also taste fresh food as you explore the store – indulging all five senses.  It is a buzzing and inspiring space, and every now and then, they organise free food-related events to educate their patrons on various flavours and cooking styles from all over the world.

Currently Foodhall has six stores present in Mumbai, New Delhi, Gurgaon and Bengaluru.  The latest addition is their second outlet in Bengaluru which is at the lower ground floor of  VR Bengaluru in Whitefield. 

Recipe 1:
Vegetarian:  Wheat & Radish Dodda Bruschetta, Tzatziki & AamPapad Tartare, Lemon Foam

Non-vegetarian:  Wheat & Radish Dodda Bruschetta, Tzatziki & Smoked Salmon Tartare, Lemon Foam

Portion size: 4
For Dodda Bread:

Broken wheat 200 grams    
Grated winter radish  120 grams
Chopped coriander leaves 20 grams
Chopped onion  25 grams
Chopped green chilli  8 grams
Chopped ginger 10 grams
Ajwain (caraway seeds) 5 grams
Salt to taste

Dried mango powder 8 grams
Refined oil 10 grams

For Tzatziki 
Finely grated cucumber  40 grams
Sour cream 40 grams
Chopped dill leaves 10 grams
Chopped mint leaves 10 grams

Seasoning to taste
For Aampapad Tartare

Chopped aampapad 40 grams
Chopped green chilli 5 grams
Chopped coriander leaves 10 grams
Chopped ginger 8 grams
Black salt 5 grams
Extra virgin olive oil 15 ml

Alternately Smoked Salmon Tartare
Chopped smoked salmon 40 grams
Chopped green chilli 5 grams
Chopped coriander leaves 10 grams
Chopped ginger 8 grams
Black salt 5 grams
Extra virgin olive oil 15 ml

Garnish & Plating
Micro herbs 8 grams
Soya lecithin 3 grams
Baby radish  4-5 pcs.
Heeng goli chooran 6 grams
Lemon juice 150 ml

1.Take a mixing bowl and mix all the ingredients listed for dodda and then make crumbly dough with it, adding water in very little quantity, just to moisten the maize flour.

2.Once mixed, divide the dough into small 40 grams dumplings and press flat with your fingers. Bake them on a flat griddle until golden colour on both sides. 

3. Prepare the aampapad tartare by mixing all the ingredients as listed and top the Dodda bread.
4. Prepare the tzatziki by mixing the ingredients in the list, to creamy consistency.  Top the hot dodda breads with chilled tzatziki or alternately, salmon tartare

5. Using a hand blender, mix the lemon juice and soya lecithin and make thick foam, add the foam to the dressed dodda with tzatziki and aampapad tartare or smoked salmon tartare . 
6. Finally drop some micro greens.

Recipe 2:
Non-vegetarian:  Chicken Chilla Roullard with Chicken Bacon Ribbons & Mango Dust 

Vegetarian:  Tomato Bocanccini Chilla Roullard  with Mango dust

Ingredients  (Portion size: 4)

For the Chilla Pancake
Moong dal  200 grams
Eggs 2 pcs.
Chopped coriander leaves 10 grams
Chopped onion  20 grams
Chopped green chilli 5 grams
Chopped Ginger 8 grams
Salt to taste
Refined oil 10 grams
Chicken bacon 8 strips

Chicken Stuffing
Chicken breast  240 grams
Lemon 1 pc.
Peeled and chopped onion  40 grams
Chopped tomato 30 grams
Chopped ginger 20 grams
Chopped garlic 20 grams
Chopped mint leaves 15 grams
Nutmeg 1 pc.
Coriander powder 6 grams
Cumin powder 6 grams
Oil 20 ml
Seasoning to taste

Alternately for Vegetarians --  Tomato Bocconcini 
Bocconcini cheese  40 grams
Peeled and chopped onion 40 grams
Chopped tomato 100 grams
Chopped mint leaves 15 grams
Chopped ginger 10 grams
Chopped garlic 10 grams
Dutch cucumber 80 grams
Seasoning to taste

Garnish & Assembly
Micro herbs a few sprigs
Mango powder 10 grams
Ber chooran 12 grams
Mascarpone cheese 10 grams

For the Stuffing 
•Trim the chicken breast and cut it into thin strips, add the seasoning, lemon juice, ginger and garlic. 
•Take a pan and grease with oil, add the ginger garlic followed by onions and tomato and cook for a minute and then add the chicken.
Alternately for Bocancini Tomato Chila
•Mix all ingredients together raw in a bowl and season with salt. Take out ribbons of Dutch cucumber and put in chilled water.
For The Moong Dal Chila 
•Soak moong dal for 20 minutes and then grind it into a fine paste. Add little salt and mix some oil and keep aside. 
•Heat a pan and make a thin pancake of this dal.
•On the moong dal chila, spread the beaten egg, coriander and mint and the chicken stuffing. Roll this as a roulade.
•Quick grill chicken bacon and wrap like a ribbon to the chila roullard, dust it with mango powder. 
•Alternately for the veggie option of Tomato Bocconcini Chilla , add all the ingredients on to the pancake made of moong dal and roll it. Garnish with mango dust and micro herbs.
•Mix mango powder and mascarpone and the Ber Chooran as a garnish.
•Serve hot with guava chutney

For Guava Chutney
Guava 200 grams
Ginger 25 grams
Red chilli powder 10 grams
Green chilli 1 pc.

Chaat masala or pomegranate powder ( Anardana Powder) 25 grams
Salt to taste
Rock salt 8 grams
Coriander powder 12 grams
Extra virgin olive oil 30 ml
Lemon juice 20 ml
Sugar 10 grams

Mix all these ingredients after seeding the guava and grind them together in mixer, strain it and add the extra virgin olive oil.

Recipe 3:
Non-vegetarian:  Punjabi Prawns in fresh tomato sauce on a Dhokla Pillow and Coriander Foam

Vegetarian:  Artichoke Hearts & Mix Mushrooms in fresh tomato sauce on a Dhokla Pillow and Coriander Foam

Ingredients (Portion size: 4)

For the Prawns
Medium sized prawns 12 pcs.
Lemon juice  60 ml
Ginger 8 grams
Garlic 10 grams
Salt To taste
Coriander seeds, crushed 10 grams
Cumin powder 6 grams
Turmeric powder 4 grams
Anaradana ( Pomegranate ) powder  6 grams
Oil 20 ml

For the Artichoke & Mushroom
Artichoke hearts  50 grams
Assorted mushrooms  150 grams
Onions 40 grams
Lemon juice  60 ml
Ginger 8 grams
Garlic  10 grams
Salt To taste
Coriander seeds, crushed 10 grams
Cumin powder 6 grams
Turmeric powder 4 grams
Anaradana( Pomegranate ) powder 6 grams
Oil 20 ml

For the Tomato Sauce
Tomatoes  200 grams
Garlic 10 grams
Ginger 6 grams
Bell pepper 25 grams
Salt to taste
Cumin powder 8 grams
Coriander powder 6 grams
Red chilli powder (Deghi) 8 grams
Chaat Masala or Mango Powder 6 grams
Oil 30 ml
Qasooriw  methi 12 grams

For the Dhokla Pillow
Dhokla flour  200 grams
Mustard seeds 10 grams
Curry leaves 10 grams
Fenugreek seeds 6 grams
Fennel seeds 10 grams
Sugar 8 grams
Salt 6 grams
Asafoetida 4 grams
Yoghurt 20 ml
Oil  25 ml

Ber chooran 20 grams
Soya lecithin 10 grams
Coriander leaves 40 grams
Lemon juice 20 ml
Mascarpone cheese 15 grams
Beetroot paste 60 grams
Mango dust 12 grams
Baby radish 8 pcs.

1.Mix water in the dhokla flour and yoghurt till it is a paste and add this mixture to a pan which can be steamed. Rest this for about 2 minutes and steam this mixture at 120 degrees C for 10-12 minutes and a sponge cake will be ready.  
2.Let these cool and cut roundels with a cutter. 
3.Take a pan and heat the oil, add mustard seeds, fenugreek seeds, curry leaves, asafoetida till it crackles. 
4.To this mixture add sugar, salt, lemon juice and 10 ml of oil

For the Prawns
•Clean the prawns, devein and then marinate with lemon juice, ginger, garlic, spices, salt and oil. Heat the Pan and quick flip it till it’s cooked.
For the Artichokes and Mushrooms
•Slice the mushrooms, artichoke hearts, onions and add to a heated pan with all the other ingredients listed, quick flip and keep aside. 
Fresh Tomato Sauce
•Put all the ingredients together in a closed box and heat for 8 minutes, remove the skin of the tomato and grind it, add the seasoning and oil . 
•Dry heat the Qasoori methi , powder it and add to the sauce 
Plating & Garnishing 
•Brush the plate with Mascarpone mixed with mango and sprinkle some micro herbs. 
•Place a dhokla, tomato sauce and prawns or alternately mushroom/artichoke mix and coriander foam and the Ber Chooran. Split the radish into quarters and arrange on the sides. Line the plate with beetroot plate.
•For the coriander foam, mix the soya lecithin with coriander leaf paste, lemon juice, water with a hand blender and get thick foam.

 Wheat and radish dodda bruschetta, tzatziki and aampapad tartare with lemon foam...

Non-veg variation: instead of aampapad, use smoked salmon. 

Tomato bocanccini chilla roullard with mango dust.

 Vegetaria dhokla with artichoke hearts and mix mushrooms...

The flavours of this roullard are enhanced by this finger-licking-delicious guava chutney.

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