Crunchy Karuvepilla Eral (Curry Leaf Fried Prawns)

Southindians enjoy the flavor of curry leaves so much it is used in almost all the veg and nonveg dishes. Curry leaves is a natural flavouring herb packed with health benefits, its both healthy and tasty along with pleasing aroma. 

Curry leaves contain various antioxidant properties and is said to have the ability to control diarrhea, gastrointestinal problems such as indigestion, excessive acid secretion, peptic ulcers, dysentery and diabetes. Curry leaves resemble ‘neem’ or Indian lilac and their name in most Indian languages translates to ‘sweet neem’. 

I  have tried to incorporate curry leaves in prawns and created a yummy starter, these juicy and crunchy prawns is a family favorite and must have side dish for a Sunday lunch. We can also serve these prawns as a starter for drinks.  

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500 Grams Prawns
1 Egg
1 Tbsp Rice Flour (we can also use maida instead of rice flour)
1 Tbsp Gram Flour (Chickpea Flour)
1 Tbsp Corn Flour
10 Sprigs Curry Leaves
1/2 Tbsp Garam Masala
1/4 Tsp Cumin Powder
1 1/2 Tbsp Chilly Powder
1/2 Tsp Turmeric Powder
1/2 Pepper Powder
1 1/2 Tbsp Ginger & Garlic Paste
Salt as per taste
Oil for frying

Shell and devein the prawns, sprinkle a pinch of turmeric and salt. Wash the prawns thrice place in a colander allow the excess moisture to drain.

Using a thick paper towel pad dry the prawns and reserve.

Once the prawns are completely dry add turmeric powder, chilly powder, cumin powder, pepper powder, garam masala, beaten egg, ginger and garlic paste.

Thoroughly mix the prawns in the masala, cover and marinate for 15 minutes, for best results allow the prawns to marinate over night.

Wash 5 sprigs curry leaves give a rough chop add to the prawns.

Add  rice flour, gram flour, corn flour to the prawns mix well if the prawns gets clumpy sprinkle 1 tbsp water mix and reserve. Check for salt add if needed.

Heat oil in a wok bring to smoking point. place the flame on medium low. Gently drop the 5 sprigs of curry leaves and fry for a minute. Drain the curry leaves from oil and reserve on tissue paper.

Drop the marinated prawns one at a time and gently toss and fry till all sides turn crispy. I fried my batch of prawns for 8 minutes. Once the outer covering on the prawns turn golden brown drain from oil and place on tissue paper. 

Serve the fried prawns hot garnish with lemon wedges, crumble and sprinkled the fried curry leaves  and pepper powder on top serve...Enjoy 😋

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