Wipe OFF By Care Clean-Product Review

Hi Friends, I was contacted by the PR from Care Clean Company who sent me their line of cleaning products. I have never heard of this brand before but was really eager to see if the products work. 

Once in every 2 weeks, I tend to deep clean all the kitchen gadgets, which is not fun, consumes a lot of effort, time and products. The PR ensured me I will spend only 15 minutes of my time to clean all these gadgets and he was correct. All we need to do is spray the active nano wipe off on the surface area and just wipe using a micro fiber cloth. 

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Two high traffic or most used gadgets are my Micro Oven and Halogen Oven it is used almost every day. My goal and challenge was to see if both the gadgets are cleaned with in 30 minutes.

About CareClean:
CareClean is brand of Megamorph Marketing Pvt. Ltd., which is India’s First certified Green Company by GC Mark, Germany & DQS in the scope of manufacturing domestic & industrial cleaning liquids.

CareClean stands for caring about you by providing solutions for all challenging & varied requirements. With experience of over 15 years, redefining the standards of cleanliness in India. 

Wipe Off !
CareClean wipe off is specially designed keeping in mind Indian kitchen and Indian cooking style. Our cooking has considerable amount of oil and greasy materials, which deposit in our chimneys, ovens, grills and even burnt or stained steel vessels . Now with CareClean wipe off just spray and wipe off all the grease and grime, which is a nightmare to clean at times. 

The active nano solution-wipe off, has to be sprayed on the surface which needs cleaning allow to rest for 15 minutes and wipe off to leave a sparkling ovens or kitchen counter behind. The fragrance free formula comes in 250 ml Bottle, Priced at 49/-

Floor Cleaner Liquid:
CareClean Floor Cleaner gives you sparkling clean floors and long lasting fragrance! Safe on all kinds of flooring, such as marble, granite, mosaic, wood, etc. 

Comes in 4 amazing fragrance lemongrass, rose, lavender, and citric lemon...priced at 65/- for 500 ML we can dilute the 1 tbsp liquid in a bucket of water before moping.

Over all I liked the products we dont have to waste a lot of product on the greasy surface area with very little product and 15 minutes of time the entire surface area gets cleaned. It would've been great if the product was in a transparent bottle I like to check and see how much product is left or how much is used to clean the greasy surface. 

All the products from care clean are good, affordable visit http://www.careclean.co or https://www.facebook.com/CareClean Where to buy: BigBasket or your nearest local store...😎

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