5 Ingredients Chocolate Truffles Recipe

Chocolate truffles are very easy to prepare, if your preparing this recipe for the first time try microwaving the chocolate in 30 seconds intervals, it can be slightly tricky to melt the chocolate in the microwave, recipe yields 12 truffles. 

300 Grams Cooking Grade Chocolate (Dukes)
150 ML Low Fat Fresh Cream (Amul)
1 Tbsp Oil
4 Tbsp Coco powder
4 Tbsp Roasted and Crushed Peanuts
(We can also roll the truffles in desiccated coconut or crushed mix nuts like almonds and pistachios)

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In a microwave safe bowl add the chopped chocolate and cream.
Place bowl in microwave for one minute and thirty seconds.

Stir the mixture well until the lumpy chocolate has melted and combined with the cream.

Once the mixture has combined place in fridge until set.
Apply few drops of oil to hands.

Scoop tiny portions of the mixture roll the truffles, if the mixture starts to melt for the heat from your hands place the chocolate spheres in the fridge for a minute to set.

Spread the coco powder or crushed groundnuts in a plate roll the truffles in the cocopowder and serve...Enjoy 😊

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