Idly Sandwich Using FarmztoFamiliez Multi-Millet Idli /Dosa Batter

Idly sandwich a power packed after school or tiffin box item. I received entire range of different batters from Farmz to Families for a review in association with plattershare and planned to prepare Idly Sandwich using Multi-Millet batter.

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About Farmz to Familiez:
The company aims to produce and provide organic ingredient batter to public. They work closely with farmers and procure varies millets, rice, dhals etc directly. All the cereals and millets are grown in a organic and natural way. There is no preservatives or cooking soda used in these batters its much healthier. Website:

About Plattershare: 
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Multi Millet batter is pre-fermented, was mildly salted, we also have to dilute the batter according to our requirement. I was surprised with the results idly was soft and fluffy, even the dosas were crispy. great alternative for diabetic patient. It was easy to digest and very light breakfast.

Closer look at the idly...

5 Multi Millet Idlies
5 Slices Cucumber
5 Slices Onion
5 Slices Tomato
5 Slices Boiled Potato 
2 Tbsp Cheese Spread
3 Slices Cheese Slices
3 to 4 Slices Chicken Salami (Optional)
Paprikka Powder
Salt as per taste
2 Tbsp Oil

Heat a tawa with 2 tbsp oil roast the potato and salami for a minute on each side, while roasting sprinkle paprika and salt as per taste and reserve the potato and salami.

Slice the idly in the center, we can preheat idly for 1 minute in the microwave just before preparing sandwiches.

Evenly spread the cheese spread on both sides of the sliced idly or also we can use mint or coconut chutney to prepare this recipe.

Start layering with slices of cucumber, onion, cheese, tomato and roasted potato cover with the other half of the idly and serve right away...Enjoy 😀

To Order Batter Contact : 91-9663893077

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