Karandi Appam Using FarmztoFamiliez Appam Batter

Karandi in Tamil means ladle, I used for tadka spoon/ladle which is available in the market. Use a nonstick tadka ladle to prepare these cute karandi appam. We can serve appam with chutney, stew, coconutmilk or sunny sideup eggs.

Plattershare is a social media platform for food lovers, food professionals and food businesses. Sharing recipes, food stories, pictures and promoting food businesses, they contacted me to review organic idly and dosa batters from a company called Farmz to Familiez. I was excited to do a taste test and review all the batters from this company. 

About Farmz to Familiez:
The company aims to produce and provide organic ingredient batter to public. They work closely with farmers and procure varies millets, rice, dhals etc directly. 

All the cereals and millets are grown in a organic and natural way. There is no preservatives or cooking soda used in these batters its much healthier. Website: http://www.farmztofamiliez.com/

 We have to adjust salt and water in the appam batter as per  choice. Appam turned out to be a hit the batter was fluffy and very tasty served with coconut milk. It was light and easy to digest.

Heat the tadka ladle with few drops oil. Spread the oil using tissue paper and ladle the appam batter swril the ladle to form appam, cover and cook for a minute, once the appam edges turn light golden remove from flame using a sharp knife or a spoon scoop the appam and serve hot...Enjoy 😋

To Order Batter Contact : 91-9663893077

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