Product Review: Unibic Cookies + Banoffee Pie in a Shot Glass Recipe

Unibic initially started selling oatmeal and chocochip cookies in India. Over 10 years the company has seen the consumer demand for whole wheat, multi grain, millets and oatmeal snacks, hence the entire range of cookies are made with the best ingredients combined with mixed fruits, nuts and spices to create a range over 20 flavors that will delight your taste buds! 

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I was recently contacted by the company PR to taste and review the product. Overjoyed I agreed to review the product since we were familiar with the brand and the range of cookies. 

We have been tasting these cookies over two years now I constantly keep purchasing the orange flavor cookies a family favorite for sure. These perfect little snacks are healthy, packed with flavors. kids and elderly will surely enjoy these cookies since it’s easy to digest and very crunchy. These cookies come in 75 to 200 gram packs, priced at 25 to 150/- rupees. 

Best gifting option for health freaks, elders, kids and pregnant women. Unibic always has offers and sales we tend to purchase these cookies in bulk and gift it to kids in our community.

Cookies that we got to taste were oatmeal digestive cookies, sugar free oatmeal cookies, honey oatmeal cookies, cashew cookies, Choco chip cookies and butter cookies. We loved the entire range of cookies, very crunchy and addictive, must thank Unibic and PR team for choosing me to taste and review their product. Using Unibic Butter cookies I have created a recipe...

Banoffee Pie in a Glass Recipe

2 Ripe Bananas
400 ML Sweetened Condensed Milk
75 Grams Unibic Butter Cookies
Whipped Cream and Grated Chocolate for garnish...

Unibic Butter Cookies is a Vegetarian product
Rich butter cookies 75g pack, Price: 25.00

 These Cookies already contain 9.6 percent real butter...

 Zero percent cholestrol, Trans fat Free...

Use a heavy bottom pot place on medium flame add 3 Liters water allow to rapid boil on low flame to prepare Dulce de leche (toffee sauce).

Drop the can of condensed milk in hot water allow to cook on low flame for 2 hours. After 2 hours switch off the flame allow the water and can of condensed milk to cool completely.

Once the can of condensed milk has reached room temperature gently open the toffee sauce its ready to use.

Add the butter cookies to a paper bag crush the cookies using a rolling pin reserve. Slice 2 Bananas into coins reserve.

Using shot glasses assemble the bonafee pie.

Layer with crushed cookies for first layer top with sliced banana and toffee sauce...Repeat the layers...

Top with whipped cream and grated chocolate serve chilled...Enjoy!

We can pre plan and prepare this recipe in a jiffy if all the required ingredients are prepped ahead of time...Its one of the easiest recipes I've ever done. The cookies remain crunchy and do not get soggy till we serve.

Unibic Cookies are available at all local grocery stores, supermarkets, amazon, bigbasket and other online food and grocery delivery chains. Thank you so much for taking time and reading my review🙏

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