Egg Chaat Recipe (Muttai Chaat Recipe)

Egg chaat is a very new dish to me, being a huge chaat fan I have never tasted this dish before. I came across a street food video last week on Youtube where the vendor prepared various chaats and egg chaat. I  re-watched the video several times and tried to prepare the same. Youtube truly inspires me to create many dishes.

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3 Hard Boiled Eggs (given detail description how to boil eggs please follow)
1 Grated Carrot
1/2 Tomato Deseeded and finely chopped
1/4 Cup Deseeded Cucumber and finely chopped
5 Sprigs Coriander finely chopped
1/4 Cup Coriander Chutney (follow recipe below)
1/4 Cup Sev
1 Tsp Chaat Masala or Jeera Powder
Salt as per taste.

To prepare hard boiled eggs bring 3 cups water on rapid boil. Add 2 tbsp white vinegar and 2 tbsp salt to the water. The egg must be in room temperature add the eggs to boiling water place on medium flame allow the egg to boil in the water for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes remove from flame allow the eggs to sit in hot water for additional 2 more minutes or until the water is cold. Drain the excess water and wash the eggs thrice crack the shell and peel it is ready to use.

I normally prepare boiled eggs in bulk and place it in the fridge and use as required this way the egg  shell is easy to peel.

To prepare coriander chutney clean 1/2 bunch of coriander leaves, peel, wash and chop 1/2 inch ginger, slit 2 green chillies add all the ingredients to a mixer grinder along with 1 tbsp cumin seeds and 1/2 tbsp salt. Grind to form a smooth paste and reserve. Use only 2 to 3 tbsp water to grind the chutney.

Assemble egg chaat: In a serving plate slice and arrange the boiled eggs. Spread the coriander chutney on the eggs. Top the eggs with grated carrots, chopped cucumber , tomato and onions. Garnish with sev, chaat masala and coriander leaves serve right away.

This is an excellent egg starter and can also be served as a side dish for pulao or biryani. Enjoyed this Indianized egg salad snack 😆

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